I have been waiting for this for so long!! It looks like they’ve done a wonderful job . Buntu Douw are you a fan of musical movies?. Seems not good movie. Can’t wait to hear my favorite track “Walls in my head”. Omg. I have been looking forward to this.Yasssss. Be brave and follow your dreams!!! Beautiful movie and I hope it inspires all to never judge but admire and love all. Korea also made a musical for this just recently go check it out! The actors and performances are top notch!. Lennon Tippey sorry but why didn’t they cast you as lead omg xxxx. Saw the musical a few years agowas brilliant…can’t wait to see this in the cinema . Theres nothing wrong being a performer or want to be a performer! PERIODT. Do we care?. Love it but my perfect Jamie will always be John Mcrea. This looks amazing!@! Personalized custom name Usmc all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

Personalized custom name Usmc all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

Personalized custom name Usmc all gave some some gave all christmas sweater- pic 1

Thats a tough one. I was 6 or so and we watched The Willies. That movie scarred me for years. And then around the time I had finally recovered, around 11 or 12 years old, it was time for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.. Watched a movie when I was young, can’t remember what it was called but these women killed this guy and left him in the bathtub. Then when they looked in the mirror, he was alive . Aliens in 1986. I slept over friend’s house. We watched Aliens on VHS videotape. When it shows chest bursting alien my friend and I had to look away! LoL. I remember seeing Paranormal Activity at my friends house and I couldn’t get to sleep that night lol. Original pet cemetery . The exorcist, was around 11. Didn’t watch scary movies at sleepovers. My parents wouldn’t let me. But fortunately the local TV station broadcast R rated horror movies late on weekends Personalized custom name Usmc all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

Personalized custom name Usmc all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

The thing.then we went and slept in the loft of the barn….lol. Darren Algier. Matthew Schofield. Prophecy (The Monster Movie) was on HBO. Still love that movie to this day.. Darren Algier. The texas chainsaw massacre when I was 12 . Jacobs ladder!!watched it on a ridonkulous amount of acid!!it was terrifying lol. 2 girls and a cup. Childs Play at age 10. Never wanted another doll after seeing that movie.. Yeah my parents never let me have a sleepover. Deep Star Six……cheers dad. The Shining in a dark room with a sliding glass door.. Pet Cemetery the 80’s version. It, the TV movie.. I would say the black coats daughter with Emma Roberts.. Nightmare on elm Street the original one. Event Horizon (1997) . Children of the Corn @ 7/8 years old. On VHS tape . HELLRAISER . Scary??? Sorry i dont know the meaning of the word. They all screaming and im laughing.

Hes such a nice guy!. undefined. I love Jeff Goldbulm in everything he acts in as he can be so straight faced yet hilarious at the same time.. Every single time I see this guy I just remember the fly”. 27 years later and he looks better, I call alien . I was so young but this is when I fell in love with Jeff!!! Also the 1st time I seen him. Loved his every since I saw him on TV.. He still looks good though. Mike Nelson: We breaking in on his Tom of Finland photo shoot?. Heehee I see he’s covering considerably more But just love this Dude . Malcolm: Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend. My movie crush way back!!. He has aged like a fine wine very silver fox. Super hot the older he gets. . How can you not love him

Soooo many clichés and this is just the trailer . I hope it‘s just the trailer?!. This whole movie could have been avoided.. Looks like the perfect movie to see while flying.. Looks like a amazing movie. Alexis Villegas. This is a FILM. Tanner Edwards. Sweet. So like…Airplane! But not a comedy?. Why not turn the plane around and fly back the way you came…?. Why they put Uhtred in this movie? . Great trailer! Looking forward to seeing it!. So, Lost: The Movie?. The sequel of this movie: they landed the plane.. Sean Murray well that’s a film I’m definitely not watching.. Kaitlin Lucas this looks so good. Tiama Hrangdo. Uhtred the Bold . They could add a twist like Bermuda Triangle
They are already dead. I think Bollywood is running out of ideas!. Karl Karkaria. Sweet. Wow. undefined. Allison Desiree Williams I’m never getting on a plane with you

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