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Merry Christmas to you and your family!. Wow marry xmas to my lovely superhero. You can’t convince me that you actually take their stuff. But continue on sharing pics with us. Merry Christmas my hero Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug Pause GIF. Merry Christmas Santa . please just protect the pressies from grinchy lokii LOL LOL!. I love you . You are the best so far I love you loads . Bring me something really good for xmas @chrishemsworth. @Chris Hemsworth I really couldn’t start the sport But I’m very lazy maybe you inspire me for sports. Go Chris Go!!!. Merry Xmas Chris Hemsworth xx. You can be my Santa tonight and every night.. You make a fine reindeer, Lad….but ummm, you are supposed to be in front of the sled and where is that RED Nose? . Have a word with Lee Child you should be the next Jack Reacher. Can’t believe he’s bare foot my toes would be well stubbed… Santa wears boots for a reason Chris

Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug

Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug 2

9. Hiii from Italy!! . Love thor beauty…but extraction kind of rambo not my cup of tea…sorry beauty loveya anyway.. You’re the best! Waiting for the Season 2 of Extraction. . Watched it last night, great action scenes, loved the pace, and your delivery and the accent lol, very cool, 10 outa 10 mate . You are silly! Chris Hemsworth Extraction was absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for Thor Love and Thunder. Hopefully it won’t be the fat Thor. Please do have me crying like I did in End Games. Smh. Extraction was intense I must admit – high action and very violent-but good story and I did enjoy it. Absolutely riveted to the screen watching Extraction. Going to watch it again and again.. Mate, great job with “Extraction”. Hands down, one of the best action drama flix of all time!. What a fantastic sit on the edge of your seat film so much action & really good scenes with you fighting Chris Hemsworth Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug

Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug

Personalized custom name Stepped up dad mug 1

Loved Extraction, seen it 4 times already. Gripping from start to finish! Bring on Extraction 2!!. You’re awesome Chris Hemsworth. I am a big fan of yours and I love you potrayal of THOR you star as in the MCU.. I already watched Extraction 1 and now waiting for Extraction 2…I read it will come. You are an amazing actor Chris Hemsworth! This is funny as s$&t. Hi Chris . Joan here from Dublin, Ireland. Me and my girls watched Extraction. And I watched it again with my hubby. What a great film. Love the action scenes … and what a good and solid story…. can’t wait for more films from you . . still waiting for Thor love and thunder……. Looking forward to seeing ‘Extraction’ when I get round to it!!. I’m diggin’ that gold metal sculpture on the wall! Very cool!. I just watched Extraction last night. It was awesome!! Well done C.H.!! Greetings from Ottawa, Canada.

love all your moves can’t waite for more Thor hopefully slim one to lol but you still look cute and handsome
have to See Extraction. Extraction is the best. You are the best… Me trying exercise. Impatient. Not sure how to use it gitry harder. Extraction was nice but Thor is the best…… Just watched Extraction thought it was a fabulous film thank you just what I needed to watch x. There for a second look like he was trying to put a vacuum cleaner together lol. Not wanting to work out I see. . Panel-wood on the walls?. Waiting for extraction 2 you need to kill that boy Chris hemsworth. Still have the same haircut and color from Extraction maybe because you are shooting Extraction 2
Hell Yah! Bring the . A good fan always try to praise her hero. I am doing too. Extraction is fulfilled by you.Always you are on my eyes & love your attitude so badly. Good job buddy.

Hi from Scotland , watched film , u survived , only neck wound , bruised , slashed , shot lol. Watched extraction with my boys they kept saying Thor would have done it quicker, Thor wouldn’t have done that, boys shut up.. Everything is so new to him. It’s best to let the stunt double help him so he doesn’t hurt himself!. You have to stop exercising and start eating for the Asgardians of the Galaxy and Love and Thunder.. To think i was just excited to finally get my hands on some dumbbells…. I’d be like a kid in a candy store with all of that.. End of quarantine work fit as I like to call it vs your god like performence? Come on Chris Hemsworth lets do it nsw vs qld. Hey Chris, I just watched Extraction tonight with my husband and we loved it. I felt like I was right there in the scenes because of the camera angles.

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