Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug


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At least you got your pic on wall of fame. I didn’t at my high school when I came second runner up in 1979 for Fresh Face Of BC! We had a wall of fame at my high school. Went to visit before they tore school down and wall of fame grew and grew! Some a… See More. Your the best! Just watching just go with it again! I want to be in one of your movies too.. This is kind of you to give a shout out to a small business owner. We’re losing too many of them to this situation.. “I think was crank call, you want some chocolate cake?”. If I lived there I would stop by and buy for the whole family. Thanks I know where to stop at when I go and visit New York.. Or you and your buddies could if you havent alreaady done so open your purse strings a little and support these places. Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug

Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug

Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug 1

You know you’ve made it when you’re on the same wall as Alf!. Have to come to New York someday and try all those cool restaurants. I love that you care about where your roots grew.. I appreciate that you help the ones who helped you. That’s what life is supposed to be about. Good job!. Can’t believe you made the wall of fame with Alf……..just kidding. you are an awesome guy. Always looking out for people.. Let me take you to the sandbar when you come to Oahu !. Can’t help but notice that Alf is above you in the photo hierarchy. . Is this the same place he used in big daddy?! Has the same name, Cozy’s. I will like to acting whit you I look like You lol in a more sexy Mexican version. Some say I’m nuts.. but I think Adam Sandler is sexier than Brad Pitt.. Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug

Personalized Custom Name Hairstylist Tools Mug

You’re in great company on that wall. Will have to try it out next trip to NYC!!. Adam I found an old American West airline ticket sub from 21 years ago, you signed it for me. I was heading to Tucson to see my parents and you to see your sister. I enjoyed spending a few minutes sitting next to you. To be on the same wall as Alf is pretty damn impressive!. On the wall with Alf! You have finally arrived.. Wasn’t Rob Schneider the delivery guy from Cozy’s in Big Daddy?. I find myself very attracted to you. I watch some of your movies with some of my friends and I ask “do you think he was kind a hot?” I see you. Nice of you to do that, I wonder how the red arrow is doing?. if i was a famous actor i would help my local out

you’re like in love with the delivery guy from cozys or something. Love their burgers a lot. And what about JG Melon in the Upper East Side?. Unfortunately in NYC many Restaurants have had no choice but to close its doors for good! No indoor dining is killed them… this place is def gunna stay open if i was in ny i would go jus cause adam said it was good place to go. A restaurant struggling in NYC!?? No it can’t be….. Kára Roman. Is there a Cozy Soup and Burger in British Columbia?. I would love to, but sadly I’ve never been to NYC.. I sure hate to hear that. I will let my daughter’s teacher know and then maybe her and her class can stop in to eat during their New York tour this year.. Is this the same “Cozy’s” that was mentioned in Big Daddy (the one Rob Schneider’s character was the delivery driver for) ?

Hi there Adam. There is this place in Montreal called Schwartz. Best smoked meat.. Man you just did so much good for this small business by putting their name out there…I was fortunate enough to meet you when I was working Rosati’s in La Quinta and your casual air that day speaks to this gesture: you are a class act, sir.. Cool post Adam.. looking out for the guys when their down just like they did for you.. nice pic of Wonderwoman next to you too! . My 14 yr old loves your movies, especially Pixels. I have been a fan ever since Opera and Cajun man on SNL.. You’re right next to Wonder Woman Adam. Wow you were a great looking teen. Thank the government for knocking out your favorite burger joint.
Lockdowns forever?. I’m happy to see you trying to help out a local business and nobody has died today… so far…

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