Personalized custom name girl and maine cat silhouette poster




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The Maine Coon is considered to be more intelligent than most other breeds in the cat world, and is also very obedient and easy to train.

– They really like water.

The Maine Coon has a very high predatory instinct, so you should never share a Maine cat with other rodents such as mice, hamsters or even rabbits.

– Their nature is very gentle, gentle and loyal to the owner.

– They are very alert and keep away from strangers.

The Maine Coon is an independent, sedentary cat that doesn’t cling to its owner and is rarely seen lying down.

Another major trait of the Maine Coon is purr, which includes meowing, chattering, chirping, and or “talking” (especially “answering” the owner).

Personalized custom name girl and maine cat silhouette poster

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Personalized custom name girl and maine cat silhouette poster

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