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You are a disgrace to our great country Yamiche Alcindor.. Nevermind that he just digitally raped his former girlfriend, stole her car, fought with the police and then pulled a knife to attack them with. So great to idolize a criminal and make believe this is a race related crime. How do people fall for this? … See More. Jacob Blake was treated like an animal because he is one. Guess he won’t be raping anymore women . If I was his father I would beat the hell out of him myself.. You were recently given an award for outstanding journalism. I am wondering what caused you state that the US Postal worker in Pennsylvania “recanted” his story??. So good to see you on MSNBC! We are all ready for a change in Michigan!. Great to see you, Yamiche, reporting post election, after all the abuse we witnessed you had to take from trump!! Bless you!! Personalized custom name Even though I’m not from your sack mug

Personalized custom name Even though I’m not from your sack mug

Personalized custom name Even though I'm not from your sack mug- pic 1

Please stop going to Lawrence O’Donnell as a commentator. You are boring and have nothing interesting to say. I mean no disrespect and thank you kindly.. He clearly has denied recanting and furthermore has requested the Washington Post Recant its story on his non recant. Do you people investigate your stories before publishing? I will just wait for your retraction, backup, undo, misspeak co… See More. YOUR BROTHER STABBED SOMEONE, NO COMMENTS AGAINST THAT VIOLENCE. How’s the woman doing that he raped?. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAThis is Sam Cole. Ask Judge Emma, if it was fair for, in general to rush her in an election year, actually month now, They broke the bylaw, how can the American trust them or us a… See More. yamiche: lets get out to chi-town 476 shot and killed, 2,337 shot so far this year where is the end? Do you pick and choose which people you cover. Where is the march? The people of chicago knows who the shooters are, but you reporters do nothing. … See More Personalized custom name Even though I’m not from your sack mug HEYJACKASS.COM Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Illustrating Chicago Values | HeyJackass!

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Thank you for your great work, Yamiche. I find you to be superbly professional and level-headed. I’m grateful we have you. I listen to you almost every night on the NewsHour.. I listen to News Hour every night. Really like this show. Everything is on point with all stories. Your segment is always great and also on point.11 I do love it when you can get in his face. He so hates very strong women of which you are definate… See More. Yamiche…Thank you, for all you do to keep us informed of what’s going on…the Truth!. I don’t know how you can stand this clown. Great as always. YOU, not him!. Yamiche, if you would summarize his confabulations I will listen to you! You do a wonderful job for PBS. 45 is too scattered brained & uninformed for me or my family to waste our time with.. Thank you for the report. I can not listen to trump. It’s too stressful. I want to be informed and I count on reporters like you who have to face him daily. Thank you for your service to our nation and to the constitution. You’re my hero.

What were all them hot dogs on her neck????. Yet you mock and berate a paraplegic for doing his best to literally stand up for what he believes. You love to promote racism because it promotes the induction of cradle to the grave democratic socialism. You are just a bad person.. Always two sides to every story.

Should’ve waited for facts! Armed Blake fleeing, was wanted for alleged robbery, sexual assault. Read complaint.. Yamiche- thank you so much for this excellent work. All the parts were great. But can I just say – Eleanor Holmes Norton!! . His words were very powerful. Thank you. Tell us why you hate handicap people?. I am a fan of Yamiche and I look forward to her straight forward, no-nonsense delivery on PBS newshour. Thank you, Yamiche.. You are not a decent person by attacking Madison just because he stood up for the nat’l anthem!

Journalist you’re not…..
Attacking paraplegics seems to be more your thing.. trump’s inauguration crowd pales in comparison. from where i sit it is quite clear that many elements of the u.s. have declared open warfare on Black and brown persons. let me say that in canada we have a thorough, deep disgust for such actions. you all are unfortunately in a very precarious situat… See More. Damn this post sure struck a nerve with a lot of right wing nut jobs now didn’t it?. Keep telling the story. Justice for all, equally.. Keep fighting the good fight Yamiche. Listening to you gives me hope. And we can all use a good dose of that right about now.. Jacob Blake was a criminal!. Saw it on the NewsHour, very, very good. You jealous a paraplegic has an easier time standing up than you?. Yamiche alcindor have you had your thyroid checked? Your neck does not look right.

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