I’m writing checks to pay my income taxes tomorrow. I’d like a rebate for my portion that was spent on this hoax. These people are awful human beings and I want my money back. So sorry this happened. Rotten, just rotten.. Loved your rally in Des Moines tonight sir!. Lock them up and throw away the key!. What about your taxes?. Listen to Tom Fitton. Appoint a special counsel.. DO SOMETHING! make them pay for their blantent crimes!!!! Tired of all this talk and NO action!!!!!. you should be allowed to get a redo on these first 4 years Trump 2020 – shout out from Washington State – there are a lot more of us out here on the left coast” than you think.. I can not wait until they are all held accountable for their illegal actions!!!! Especially against you Mr President!!. I hope that the Fake News, Democrat’s, Obama hold overs are dealt with criminally? Worse than treason! Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt

Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt

Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt - pic 1

Because he knows who to talk to and how to get it done. 45 broke everything and we need someone who knows his way around to fix it.. diversity is our strength”..AS LONG AS WE AGREE WITH THEM!. I voted in Florida for Biden and Harris. Now i just have to wait for the next election to vote out DeSantis.. Diversity is why we are America! . Hey Joe, its Kamala Harris and me(us), not I. English language though is the least of your problems. . Great, know matter the nationality, we all.know that Joe is the way to go on November 3rd! God bless us all!!!. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.. I made my plan, I will vote for you.. We will forever be the great melting pot. That is what makes America great.. So where you find these 25 people. I think thats the total of people that showed up to all your rallys combined. Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt

Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt

No matter what language you speak this is proof there are sheep everywhere.. No Joe!! If you vote Joe you are actually voting for Harris to be president. Too scary a proposition.. They are saying Biden for Senate! LOL!!! Biden has lost his mind, his brain cant last too much longer he has a hard time finding words and he is tired with only a few days on the road, there is no way this guy can survive four years as President..… . Love it! Immigrants and our diversity are huge parts of what makes America great.. Great message. Already voted absentee, as an American living abroad in Switzerland. Even though we live in a different country, our hearts (at least mine anyway) are still in the USA.. Joe Biden Dementia is deteriorating..He can’t be President of the United States of America simple..Biden belong to nursing home.. Only thing good for Joe is a prison sentence! We have mountain of evidence of his shade business dealings

Yep! All of the taxpayer dollars that went into that bullshit! What a waste! People love to demonize you, but their anger is misdirected. They should be redirecting all of that anger and bitterness towards the politicians who have been in government … . Its all BS until people start going to JAIL!!!!! We have been hearing about all this evidence” for 4 YEARS!!!!! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GONNA START GETTING LOCKED UP?????. That’s exactly why it’ll be another landslide. We don’t “show out” like the left does We show up… To the polls. We did last election year and we will again. With pride.. It’s time Trump it’s time to lock all of them up we waited long enough.. The swamp is very deep. Tell Barr to put on his scuba gear!. Lets do something about that. It is long overdue. They must pay. Look at all the tax payers money lost with all that crap

New leadership thats what we need Joe & Harris & John Lewis would say go and vote like you never voted before God Bless the USA.. Sir, it’s time for you to retire, you have served you and your family and the deep state for nearly half a centry!!. That’s almost as many people who’ve showed up to your campaign rallies! Good job Joe!. Brilliant and this is how America should be. Vote for Joe Biden and bring truth and decency back to America.. Wow i love this so much the world is speaking out loud we all love Joe Biden we are proud to have him with us all and Kamala Harris too. I believe in our great country and protection of freedoms and our ability to pursue happiness. The Harris-Biden ticket endorses violence and looting and refuses to support law enforcement personnel. No thanks. The negative comments about Biden are the sick words Trump is spreading!!!!! Trump needs to be voted out of OUR house…vote blue!!!!

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