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Nick and PC, please take care and stay safe! Sorry for panic i just had a dream nd would like to alert cuz i care thank you. Please becareful when going to bombay bars or indian restaurants i pray nothing happens in any cities like australia, london, … See More. Jodi Brolinski Last night I told you there was another Jonas Brother. Here he is, Frankie Jonas!. Frankie has brothers? Who knows you, Nick?. Oh, I do not know what to say??. Love you guys! Forevs! . I love this. Seriously, who doesn’t know about Frankie? Come on. Have you people lived under a rock?. He’s back should i be on tiktok again. Hi nick jonas from philippines. Omg I love Frankie!!! I didn’t know he had a brother!. That’s Frankie . When I saw those comments, I thought they had a new baby brother and did not expect they were talking about Nick… hearing ” Frankie’s brother” is so not right lolol Personalized Custom Name Biker We’re A Team Poster

Personalized Custom Name Biker We’re A Team Poster

Personalized Custom Name Biker We're A Team Poster 3

NOTE:. HAHAHAHHA you guys are so funny Frankie too . Happy birthday for Frankie. Korecome Afolabi. I like the jones brothers. did you corrected a older girl than your age … suggestions please . Why are you soooo handsome . I can NOT get my eyes off this video!!!. love it nick keep it up. He looks like Kevin. where did you get your coat featured in Peoples mag in london dec 9 I wiuld like to buy it.. Message me please nicky you too frankie. Omg two side Jon’s. Hey ur mom’s worried about u! R u ok? This is bean. Terra Burroughs. That fact that most of you didnt know they had a little brother names frankie clearly shows you are not a true fan of the Jonas brothers. Yall are fakes!. You guys are too funny. Personalized Custom Name Biker We’re A Team Poster FIVERR.COM dilasdigital : I will generate verified buyers and sellers real estate leads with facebook ads for $75 on

Personalized Custom Name Biker We’re A Team Poster

Personalized Custom Name Biker We're A Team Poster 2

Nick Jonas I . You’re music gets me through so much hopefully next year you will be able to tour again. We miss you too!! Amazing show!!. You are one of my fav i love all your songs happy new year and marry christmas . Dani Guthrie. Vilma Lantao. Rachel Zimmerman. Best concert I’ve been to in years!. I’ve just remembered this song i was so in love but now i am foolish and silly. Chelsea Daley. This clip is so hot. You guys are amazing, you inspire me everyday. Cant wait to see something live again.. We miss you too! My sister and I were at the Nashville concert and we had such an amazing time!. Anastasia Sieg. So grateful you guys are back. Happy anniversary!. You guys are amazing. Your songs and talent are a blessing.. So beautiful song. ALWAYS LOVE U THE JONAS BROTHERS. Nicholas Your brother needs to tie it down, or at least wear more adjusted underwear if he’s going to be jumping like that. Keep it in the bedroom.
In any case have a blessed and amazing Christ-mas.

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i’ve been missing it all week wishing i could go back when things are normal again.. Jessie Lynn Brantley. Perfect concert! . I was at the one in Oracle with my daughter, it was so much fun!! . Come back soon . I was at this show . Had I known we would been in pandemic, I would have did the impulse buy. However, I can’t wait for the next tour because I definitely don’t want to miss it!! Been a fan my teens, and it helped me guide me to a path I don’t regret.. I had a amazing time at the concert . Terra Burroughs. Loved this concert! . Abby Resavy. Miss you too from Mexico. I miss tour so much. Caitlin Shephard I don’t care how old you are when they finally come to Australia, I’m keeping my promise! Haha . Will this ever happen again??? I miss being in over packed places without a care

Happy Anniversary to both of you!! Wishing you the best and many more Anniversarys to come!. happy Anniversary Nick my heart melts every time i see you guys together. I’m so glad you BOTH were able to have the wedding(s) of your dreams! Happy anniversary!. Happy Anniversary!!!! Prayers for many more happy year’s. Happy anniversary to you guys!. Tanya Jansen. Happy anniversary beautiful couples. So cute…. Lods love both of you….. . Happy anniversary to you guys may god bless you with many happy year’s together. That’s great Nick ….. Your respect towards our culture make us happy and proud… you are a great guy…. you both are lucky to have each other….. God bless you both . Happy anniversary good people.. Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I should know this, but where is Priyanka’s home country?. Happy Anniversary! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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