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All I’m trying to say is simple and clear ,inasmuch as we have every right to criticise Trump ,we must do so constructively but not base on personal emotions !. As an American, my faith would be much stronger if those responsible for yesterday suffered the consequences of their actions.. Let’s also clean both our Houses of the seditionists/insurrectionists – that is why we have a 14th Amendment. I am trusting that it WILL be used and swiftly. These people have no place in any government office – federal or state.. Criticise fairly, Trump has never directly incited his supporters to indulge in any act of lawless . Condemn those who did that but don’t pin point Trump to be the brain behind. I want the Senate and the House of Representatives to get to work and call Ted Cruz on sedition at the very least. I want the cabinet and Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. Personalized crown family we’re a team poster

Personalized crown family we’re a team poster

Congratulations! Hope that we can see your speech in Hong Kong. . THANK YOU, MY FRIEND, FOR THIS INTERESTING MOMENTS, SPENDING IT TO REALISE THAT PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT IN MANY OPINIONS IN THEIR MINDS AND HEARTS, BUT THERE ARE MANY BASES THAT WE ALL AGREE ON, THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED NOW, I THANK YOU, MY FRIEND MELINDA. I love you but we are in the middle of an attempted coup right now!. When you love GOD , Money doesn’t make you . it’s an incentive to make live better for you and others . Melinda , have I told you how much we appreciate what you do for the world ? You are a gift to the world from GOD . I don’t have a million to give y… See More Personalized crown family we’re a team poster Play GIF. Respect forever melindat Gates elegant and beautiful. Enjoyed the audiobook. Great read. So sad to see these young people burdened with excess taxes because the Gates won’t pay their fair share.

Personalized crown family we’re a team poster

Personalized crown family we're a team poster 3

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