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It could be a comedy.. But at the very end reminds me the face of a crying dem . All the best up against each other for the Genesis Prize!. Benjamin Harlow. The movie was ok, best part of the whole thing is the female playing his daughter she did a great job … 1st movie still the best. Wasnt even close to being as good as the first one.. very clearly done an realesed before the election….an the hidden messages in this were great…very cleaver man… his character. I agree, it’s hysterical…not!. It was good. Not as funny as the first. But still worth the watch. 1st one great. This one, too political, but it was to be expected after what is happening in the USA. I loved it but thought the first one was better and funnier. I love the movie but truly is a sad portrayal of what America is right now. What I found truly ridiculous is no one tried to help the girl except for the black lady that babysat her Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler

Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler

Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler 1

Looks like you’ve been crying for a week. lol.. She looks amazing to all the haters this is a 1980s make up look for her movie 1984. Beautiful woman but sorry, that pink/red looks like cellulitis around her eye!. I love the colors! However, I don’t think the eyeshadow should have extended over onto the temples. Shadow should not go past the eyebrows, in my opinion, but to each their own. . One of the few women in the world not enhanced by makeup. So lucky to be such a natural beauty. . Cheap makeup on a million dollar face. Revlon should be ashamed.. They definitely did not capture your natural beauty and abilities. You look like a battered woman…. This style Not good for you, you look like being Punched by spouse. Too much makeup detracts from your natural beauty!. I’m surprised people think makeup generally looks better. My thought at first glance was, “clown”. Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler

Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler

Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler 4

I’m sorry but I couldn’t. I went 35 minutes before I got bored. In my opinion the 2nd lacked the spark that made the first so great.. Not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen at all. I don’t like his form of “comedy.”. Had a couple funny parts but other then that it was very boring compared to the 1st one. I would just skip it. I love him but hate his personal politics, if he wants to bash politicians then bash the left, there is plenty there to poke fun at instead of faking up fiction on the other side.. This was hilarious AND eye opening!. The first one was great incredibly funny. I think he’s left it too long for the second one. It just wasn’t that great.. Crazy good, and such a gifted actress they selected as his daughter.. Was okay didn’t think it was as good as the first one to be honest I think Bruno was better

Personalize customize name Lion To my son you mom tumbler 2

The people have spoken. Celebration in the streets around the US as the world breathes a collective sigh of relief.. Congratulations on getting your taxes raised!. The people haven’t spoken yet. He is the projected winner not the winner.. So sad that you from all people forgot where you came from!!! I guess you have to you live in HOLLYWOOD NOW…. Media didn’t vote….the people did…hope you can understand that …if you cant, you are as intelligent as the person we’ve just shown the door!. The people aren’t finished speaking, the press just wants you to think so.. Congratulations but sell your stock before they crash the stock market. If you know what will China do ,then you will not support Biden ,msg from HKer , we just lost our freedom , for long term, close to China,is not a good way. Thought you were an educated women, the election has spoken by the media!’ Not how electoral votes work honey! He’s not the president till it’s officially announced by Supreme Court

You mean all of the deceased people?. Are you fricking joking ??? First, nothing is over yet ! And do you support fraud ?. You mean the media has spoken. This has nothing to do with the people!. No sweetheart, WE THE PEOPLE are just now beginning to speak!. Congratulations deep state !! Who hoooo! #ponysoldier2020. Even the deceased spoke. Diana … you have failed this post.
Play GIF. i hope he doesnt initiate the funding to Pakistan for weapons and support china !!!. Why are you against your own people? Thought you would be smarter. Used to love you….not anymore. The people did not…..yet!. The people of America have made a decision.. 73 day count down.. Feels great to know that the reason he’s our president is because his party threw away veteran votes and sabotaged all the absentee votes in Michigan, doesn’t it. Didnt think dead people could speak but we found out they can

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