Peace love vikings crocs crocband shoes


Dustin Van Pelt no sorry. Not voting for a sexist,racist, homophobic,facist, virus is a hoax pushing, vaccine pushing, business destroying narcissistic dictator. Trump’s definition of “Great” isn’t a country that is “great” for everyone. Peace love vikings crocs crocband shoes. It’s a country that is “great” for wealthy white selfservatives Let’s call it what it actually is!

Peace love vikings crocs crocband shoes

Peace love vikings crocs crocband shoes- pic 1

Dustin Van Pelt He sat on his hands and got 220,000 thousand Americans killed. He let Russia put bounties on American soldiers. He called our Vets suckers and losers. Enough said. Vote Joe.trump could discover the cure for cancer, he could apologize to the 215,000 families who lost someone to covid, he could admit to his 20,000 lies over the last four years, he could start treating people like real human beings, he could pay for The Wall himself, he could agree to wait to fill RBG’s seat….and I wouldn’t vote for him, EVER!Or the no plan for health care in the last 4 years with him repeatedly saying it will be here in 2 weeks? Peace love vikings crocs crocband shoes. Or is it trumps tax breaks which a majority went to the wealthy. Please explain how he is doing great for the average American not just the million billionaires.  Vote Blue for higher taxes, Vote Blue to assure that many regulations Trump rid our country of will be reinstated, thus our jobs, our factories will again move abroad – Vote Blue to do away with the tax cuts Trump passed which BIDEN has promised to do, – Vote Blue to allow open borders – Vote Blue to get rid of ICE so more MS-13 members and All unvetted immigrants can flow into America, all of which BIDEN – PELOSI – SCHUMER has boasted to do – Vote Blue so the very racial BLM thugs can rampage throughout our streets like they’ve been doing – Vote Blue so police will eventually be eliminated – Vote Blue so illegals can continue to work ‘under the table’ for LESS money, a sure way to keep legal wages DOWN… ahhh yes Vote Blue and within a short period of time you will feel BLUE.Trump seldom plays golf and when he does its on his own course, no charge to u.s… Obama often went to Hawaii to play golf… duh.. you obviously believe everything Trump tells you to. Get the hell out of here with that garbage. Go troll on your dictators page.In this epic battle between America and the hijacked Democrat Party, who do you think will win? I am pulling so hard for America. Dustin what about all of Donald Trump’s tax fraud? What about him putting children in cages? What about him shrugging off the coronavirus, only to hold rallies that would do nothing but glorify himself and make other people sick? What about the fact that folks like me were cut off of health insurance because I made $100 per month too much? thanks for sharing your perspective but there’s something to be said about all of this as well. What about his refusal to step down and surrender his power to our next president? What about his suggestion of violence to his followers? I’m curious as to what Trump supporters have to say about all of these things.

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