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That river was later called the Milky Way. From then on, Nguu Lang Chuc Nu was separated on the banks of the river. Vuc Nu was on this side of the river, while Nguu Lang and her two children stood on the other side of the river. Day by day, tears fell, they looked on the other side of the river, where there was someone they loved. Wang Mother was finally touched by that faithful heart, so she agreed to let them meet once a year. That is the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. On this night every year, a large flock of crows will fly into the sky and create a bridge with their bodies, across the river of god, called O Thuoc Bridge. Patriotism american eagle unisex hawaiian shirt. Only that night, Niu Lang and Chuc Nu were able to cross the Milky Way to come together. Tiet That Tiet takes place in the middle of summer when the weather is warm and the trees are green. If you listen to the ear, you can hear the whispering sounds of Niu Lang and Nuoc Nu, confessing their love after a long separation.

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