Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza


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Its a pity to just know that bill gates is a fraud. It will not solve any problem in this world Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza Excellence in technology does not mean that you excel in other areas. Nice to see Both of Them Happy moments with questions & answers:- Obviously dear Bill Gates says with wise mind & seems Himself far away views, Ofcourse after 20 years would be more better in the World . Hello bill Gates people of Nigeria we are grtin you thenks so much. Good morning sir I need to be experimented with the new vaccine for covid-19 please I present myself for the trials.. Bill Gates Need information about how to improve for youngsters on business learning and startup…… Which leads to gives employment with profit for employer…. Fixing climate change is like that thief who told Jesus to fix the situation they were in… Rather let’s be like that other one who had hope in the future where God would fix all problem for the batter of all. God is not absent but watching based on H… See More

Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza

Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza 1

Safaa Ibrahim. Look forward to this Bill. It should be interesting and educational. . Bill gate, Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza The 1st small Book I wrote titled: I Magnify Mine office’ was like the earliest stage of creation…Amen.. My name is isaya roberty mwikola am atanzanian there were so many pupils who study science subject without laptop especially ICT and IT so iwill be happy if you will help this developing nation And god will bless so much. That is a great thing Sir. I like what you do.. It would also be outstanding if this podcast could be hosted on Spotify. . Hey team Bill Gates we’re working on the first #HumanProgress Children’s book in history “Human Progress for Beginners” and could sure use some help. TONYMMORLEY.COM The Case for a #HumanProgress Children’s Book — @tonymmorley. Unless you’re going to help with good intentions, stay out of it!. Oh ya, the world is just clamouring for your healthcare expertise Bill. Used to think you were a smart guy but investing your money in something you know nothing about is stupidity, taking tips from the Biden playbook I guess

Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza.

Papá esta navidad voy a estar en la barriguita de mami Taza 2

This is one of the most entertaining threads I’ve see….Very funny, filled with people who are loaded with ego, filled with criticism, on and on. Mr Gates may or may not welcome all of your advice, but at least you’re trying.. You have to invite me to this meeting. I would like to tell you what is the biggest problem and solution of the world. Respects.. Far better after 20 years .that has a big visionary and realistic statement for the dear children of God.For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.. You are role model for us please advise us how we will be u in the future???. COVID-19 has taught us what our future generation’s life will look like, or could be worse we actually experienced during this pandemic. How does one find your podcast? On UTube?. Please ser can I tell some of my favorite planning project couse I’m really that you will sponsor me in other way I take you like my last Hope’s couse for many people in my continent doesn’t share with me couse it’s so difficult for them

I believe the biggest truth is life on its own. Never ceasing. We are at the beginning of our leap into the Universe. Mars and then all. Little by little we will acustom to anything.. Respected Bill Gates Sir My heartly best wish to You for Your great welfare Work for the flora and fona.. Good evening sir,,Its Victor from Kenya,,I have been reading your story of how you started and where you are now as in the list of richest men in the world..Kindly answer me this from your perspective..what is destiny,fate?? Can family issues,tradition… See More. Hi billy, enjoy cleaning toilets in prison. You are so wealthy I bet you pay each one of your positive feedback. However you won’t need all that cash behind bars.. With due respect Mr Bill Gates that will be awesome for the world at large teaming up with Rashida Jones for this New podcast limited series,I would have love to be part of it facing the world and also for my continent Africa ,but am not Educated but I… See More

Is climate change real? Of course it is and it’s been happening for a billion years or so! Long before humans walked the earth, it has gone through numerous changes from ice ages to warm tropical climates and everything in between. And all without huma… See More. So bill is a climate expert Too! Who would have lust for power, or grandiose self importance in his shoes..being a non college educated software engineer must be the path…. You cannot not appreciate such a pragmatic clarity of thought.. That’s is one of good way to stop this climate alarming and one it will successfull. Climate disasters are all around us. If only you could show us simple minded creatures the way forward because it is so terrible to see humanity suffer.. Individuals must b educated from childhood to save the nature n surroundings This knowledge should n impartedfrom home n school both so that we can save the nature n planet for healthy living

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