Unexpected pendamic, many people facing so many problems today just because of the pandemic so many people lost their jobs and many people as died God grant us your grace,. I like Joe, Biden is Very Presidential, but cant get Nothing Done, i re-elect Trump for 4 Years More.. How can we help her and her family?. Then tell old Nancy to approve the bill . Everyone on here is throwing the blame party to party. Where is everyone offering to pull together to help her?. I wonder if she hasn’t applied for unemployment, ik it’s not much, but something is better then nothing!!! There’s also Food Share and both transportation not needed!!. No child deserves to worry about food . USDA has been offering free breakfast and lunch for all school kids since the pandemic. Maybe they’re not aware of the program?. State terrorism of Armenia continues to target residential settlements of Azerbaijan. After signing humanitarian ceasefire agreement, Armenia attacked civilians in Azerbaijani cities well outside the conflict zone. Its not only a WarCrime, but terror… Pabst blue ribbon christmas ugly sweater

Pabst blue ribbon christmas ugly sweater

Pabst blue ribbon christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

WH declined offers from cdc to help with contact tracing – seems like the people in the WH obviously didn’t have it at all. Just another lie and a con job by our liar in chief.. It should not be optional. The White House is not an independent city like the Vatican. Take charge.. They want to save face because everybody knows who the super-spreader is . Anyone in their RIGHT frame of mine knows this whole stunt is BS created by non other than Conman Don. His illness is way beyond Covid.. Cant contact trace if he didn’t have it…. There is no help for President Agolf Twittler the Superspreader! Pabst blue ribbon christmas ugly sweater Play GIF GIPHY. Of course.. Wé wouldn’t want the truth and facts to be known when all we need to do is spin this in a verbal diarrhea of lies!!!. Hmmm I guess the White House is acting like China now

Pabst blue ribbon christmas ugly sweater

They know when he got it. They don’t want it proven.. Theyd rather just spread it amongst each other.. Of course not. Because there are probably a lot more people sick from this event.. It should be required. He works for us as an employee A public servant.. There should not be the question it should be standard practice for this! How can we stop the spread if they don’t allow these investigations? Un F&$king real!. Just go away, please!! Nov 3rd can’t come soon enough. Of course they have. This is tRumps gamescrew science keep the blinders on the sheep. Cause the big orange duck is not sick I’m telling you he’s promoting a vaccine. Of course they would decline. They don’t want the truth to get out!. They don’t want the CDC to know what’s going on in the WH.. I guess if they don’t know who was all infected from that event then it didn’t happen

All the price,s stuff at the stores going up.
Because he supports big companies and tries to withdraw medical insurance from the poor … I cant believe how there are people still support him. We all know already he’ll blame Trump, Zakaria is just a CNN puppet!!. Everyone knows that these other leaders get together talk about what a retard our president is.. But Obama gave Iran billions that’s ok, right? . Do you at cnn think anybody who is around trump long enough that there IQs go down? I do jw. Trump has done well in foreign policy wise or is he. the orange creature is an abomination to america and american diplomacy. he is anything but diplomatic. america has become the laughingstock of the world, with the orange creature at the helm. shame!. Why people get offended when he puts America first. All counties make fun of Trump because he doesn’t know about politics he is a clown

In Canada most of us realize that taking care of the less fortunate at home or abroad helps us in many ways, one of them being national security. Look past your own selfishness, because you might need help from other countries some day.. Disgusting world we live in where we have billionaires worried about making it to the moon and pathetic idols like the Kardashian germs and then we have a horrifying reality like this. The world is well and truly f@$&ed!. Looks like an opportunity for planned parenthood to siphon funds from the UN.. Very sad but not our circus not our monkey. When did the left become war mongers with demands that the US continue to be the police of the world?. Its not the United States of Yemen as long as they remain a terror state” they are exempt from aid. Blaim it on Trump. Start something like the ice bucket challenge to celebrities and billionares creating a viral campaing for raising money on FOOD!

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