Dk Robinson. This is an attempted communist takeover!!!!. Leony Ilagan Tiamzon. We want ARRESTS, TRIALS, EXACUTIONS. STOP THESE TRAITORS. OPEN UP ALL OUR STATES & CITIES NOW!!!. I,m sorry but Fuck Joe Biden n the laughing hyhena Kamala Harris n all their Dumcrat followers, what they have done in destroying our USA is just beyond comprehension. Turns my stomach . Why would anyone vote for Biden and Harris. I don’t understand how he got more votes then Our President Trump. Very Scary. Trump supporters flood the streets of Washington DC and not a single building destroyed. . Leony Ilagan Tiamzon. They all need to be held accountable for the damages and the loss of life that they have encouraged. Arrest gliadin and the Biden Mafia. This is what JOE BIDEN is,,And people voted for this God help us,,,. There is going to be a war over this. I just saw a video of a young girl being harassed and attacked leaving the maga rally. They’re going to regret the day they started this. Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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Is this what you democrats want? If you do get out of the U.S.. Joe Biden supporters most likely never saw any of this from CNN and msnbc. Joe Biden is not the winner of this election and all of you know it.. Supporting Biden/Harris is like rooting for the corrupt villain in a movie. Biden is corrupt and has committed treason, Harris is just evil and wants America to become a socialist society. Pray Trump wins and saves us from these horrible people.. Sloppy Joe and camel toe. This video will be banned from Facebook in 5, 4, 3, 2. Beatriz Eugenia. THOSE WHO VOTED FOR CREEPY OLD JOE WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!! JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE LOL…WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS!. They are savages and will pay big time. I hope they like stripped jump suits and sleeping in a Locked cell. . This is the climate that antifa wants to maintain in the United States, anarchy, disorder. This movement is criminal. Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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I absolutely refuse to accept Biden being our next President. With Election Night ending being a disaster, no winner will be declared until every legal and legit vote is counted.. America will be turn upside down by rioters and the social leftists. I honestly believe that all those billionaires who helped the Democratic Party are behind all the voter fraud. Dishonest people will stop at nothing when they are being paid. Remember… . Horror movie! And now look at what their doing to trump supporters in dc! Disgusting.. Mary Tillett. Joe hid in his basement, while Trump was out with the people, I would like to thank Dominion from the bottom of my heart for endowing us with their fraudulent software that caused # Glitchgate and compromised our election, may your Karma bless you wit… See More. Hurts to think this is our America. A place where we are supposed to be proud of. People put their lives on the line for our freedom.

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Patricia Brugler. The governor and state court are run by Demoncrats in Pennsylvania and this is why, they adjusted laws to work for them in the election Didnt these people swear an oath to the constitution?!. Terri Teutsch
Play GIF. More good news. The lawsuits are proving that this country has a great, secure and accurate voting process. Or maybe that’s bad news. MSM reports:. One thing I was sure of for MONTHS was that PA is all for Trump, hands down. So disappointed. No way in hell Biden supporters out numbered Trump supporters.. The entire country should have a recount or have another election because this one was rigged in one way or another. Trump predicted this. It would be a mess.. I will remember a president Trump with Huge Accomplishments. Jaded by an unpredictable Plague.

.THREE KINDS OF PEOPLE AND WHY THEY HATE DONALD TRUMP – The Media & Political Establishment (Part 1)
There is no American President who got as many people to hate him as much as those that love him than President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. Incidentally, the love: hate ratio appears to be equally spread across the globe, and why is this so? A cursory look at this will highlight why people are so divided against one man, which is what this article is all about, and to do justice I will look at the character of the Trump haters and the nature of the Trump lovers.
First, no doubt, there is no love lost between President Trump and the political establishment in America and around the world. Ever before he declared to run for President, he was the darling of the political class. They courted his celebrity status which he earned from both good and controversial public image as a real estate developer in New York and owner of many businesses including the TV Reality Show – Apprentice. In fact, when Trump married his current wife Melania in 2005, both Hilary and Bill Clinton were granted a front-row seat at the wedding reception in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.
However, the moment Trump declared to run for President all hell was let loose. I have watched many of Trump’s interviews in the 1980s and even the 1990s, and there is nothing Trump is saying or doing now which are not captured in those interviews. The only difference is he is older today. His “controversial” stand on national and international issues appear to be against the status quo, which further drew attention to him from the political elites as a “mad man” and attention-seeking celebrity billionaire who will always go against the grain. But to the every-day American, Trump seems to be the only notable figure echoing their heart-cry because he addresses “real” issues that will not only preserve America’s interest but protect her citizens.
However, you cannot talk about political elites without looking at the media and special interests groups. In most cases, the media is the weapon they use to make or destroy anyone that crosses their path, as the media remain the most important instrument, they exploit to build their cult-like empire across the world. You see when Edmund Burke reportedly first named a group of people covering parliamentary proceedings at the British House of Commons in 1787 as the fourth estate of the realm, he was referring to a watchdog that objectively keeps in check the first estate of the realm – the monarchy, the second estate of the realm – the nobles, and the third estate of the realm – the peasants and the bourgeoisie.
In other words, he advocated that the fourth estate, which we now know as the media, should be the independent and objective arbitrator that protect the interests of all critical groups in the polity. Unfortunately, the nobles, bourgeoises and even the first and second estates tend to have hijacked the media as the perfect instrument of control of the peasants or what today you may call the common man. Which is to say, while the noble or political elites use the media against each other to gain political or resource control, they exploit the media to keep the masses of the people divided so they can be controlled. That is why in practically every society today, the political class has a huge stake in the media because it is an important weapon to access and retain political power or make meaningful economic gain.
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