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This episode is so fun. You and Jonathan are so cute!. Dvr set! Can’t wait! Love you so much and anything property brothers!. Zoey, you are adorable. It’s refreshing to see Johnathan and you interact with such affection.. I neeeed to know where the art pieces are from and the light fixture above nook. They would be perfect for my little salon studio. I had seen a light fixture like this with 6 lightbulbs on Pinterest and it’s exactly what I want but couldn’t find where … See More. OMG I love those guys. The shows they have been on are awesome and of course I love your shows and acting as well.. Zooey you have a jumpsuit in every color! Such a fun episode watching you and Jonathan work together!. Great episode. It made me feel happy.. You and Jonathan Silver Scott are so cute together. It was great watching you guys get to work together. Also what an amazing thing you did for your bff Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set

Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set

Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set 1

Zooey has a beautiful voice…love this . It didn’t with “It’s Jess!” so it just doesn’t sound right. Plus I think it would be funny (to me) if she ended every song she sings with “It’s Jess” maybe even finish every sentence when she speaks until everyone goes slowly crazy. Mark Wilkins. Beautiful song, splendid and adorable ladies, too! . Please tell me you guys have a holiday album coming out tomorrow!. That guitar is beautiful. That is awesome. How about you 3 women sing for the homeless and all the people working as nurses and doctors to give everyone hope and courage as well as comfort. Zooey! Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set Beautiful song!. What instrument is that? Four strings suggests a ukulele, but it looks even bigger than a baritone uke.. You really need a full Christmas Album. Every time I watch Elf if think that.. Just got up on a miserably dreary Manchester morning , and this greets me , wow ! Harmonized to perfection and filled me with a warm glow. Thanks Zooey Deschanel you have made my day , oh and what a beautiful looking guitar , whats the make ?

Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set

Old Railroad Vintage Train Bedding Set

Awww. That’s a beautiful shot of you, hope you and yours are having a great holiday! . Merry Christmas for You Zooey!! Looks so nice!! . Merry Christmas Zooey and have a Happy New Year. Merry Christmas to Zooey!. Mark Wilkins. Merry Christmas Zooey! Be well! Be safe and remember Baby it’s cold outside. Brian Mccarthy. Merry Christmas Miss Zooey Deschanel. Watching new girl reruns at the moment. You are just fabulous Zooey. One small comment in aHuge Fishbowl ….Merry Christmas…and Happy New Years .. Merry Weekend. IS THAT A FIREPLACE? Holy Christmas!. Beautiful feet. I mean way to coordinate, . Merry Christmas Zooey! . Merry Christmas to you and yours luv!. Merry Christmas right back at ya!. Merry christmas and a happier new year in 2021! . How dare you assume I celebrate Christmas! I’m very offended! Nah I’m just kidding. Merry Christmas everyone . Terri Counihan
Merry Christmas zooey to you jonathan and your family…love from Dublin Ireland

Wasn’t it decided that this song was a like a misogynistic micro aggression or something?
Oh well. You guys sing this wonderfully.
Zoey, I loved your work on Acid Tongue! You and Jenny Lewis should do something for Xmas! It’d be great.
Pause GIF
Tenor. David Frederick Preston. Thank you so much for singing that song,one of my favorites, I love when you sing Santa Clause is coming to town at the end of the movie, makes me so happy Zooey!!!!. So fun! You and Will are so talented. Love your beautiful voice! I first saw you on Failure to Launch. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Had to go buy it .Your character cracked me up.. Zooey, you have a gorgeous voice, you should sing more! That scene was one of many of my favorites in the movie Elf. It’s now a Christmas”staple” in our home. Thank you both for sharing your talent with us all!

You have the most amazing angelic voice. I love it so much your a rockstar!. This movie has always held a special place in our family traditions, but using it for political purposes just took so much of that away. Why can’t this be done to help those in need instead of something that is already dividing us? Feed the hungry, pu… See More. Wish you had raised money for a worthy cause instead of those radicals (Warnock & Ossoff)!. Loved it! We are starting our annual Elf family movie night now!. We watched Elf tonight!. BTW you sound great without any studio magic!. Love the movie and this is one of my favorite scenes!! . Fabrine Klitgaard Sørensen elf reunion . Lovely voice Zooey!. looks like voter suppression to me let hollywood buy the votes stay outta georgia. And it’s cold outside!. I enjoy the movie i enjoy you and all of the cast. But i think the money you raised should go to help the people that are in need during Christmas During this pandemic. Not some dumb political crap.

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