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Wonderful convention! You and your team make me proud to be an American! Shame on CBS. How pathetic can the news anchors be! I was embarrassed for them because they are so filled with hate, they can’t even do their jobs! CBS is just pathetic. My kind fellow Americans and non-Americans! Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a place where you can openly talk about the ongoing problems in our world without someone insulting your perspective? Ohio For Trump Flag. Our group is a private, tight-knit community where you can do just that. Help us become enlightened to the ever-changing world so we can understand and grow together! No kneeling here, while we have professional athletes dont have have the strength to stand for what is right. Instead they kneel for a fake message with no substance, just pure hate and disrespect. That is divisiveness from the left and this has been their domestic policy for decades, not sure how the American people have ever benefited from it but plenty of Democrats have been put in office with that strategy.

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