Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster


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Sorry to hear about the loss of MiMi. My elderly Mom who passed back in February and I enjoyed watching Love It or List It for years. Two of our three senior Pomeranians also passed within a couple of months after she did. This past summer, God graced… See More. Merry Christmas and high hopes for a happy new year!!. Sending love . Beautiful rugs, I like the mandala pattern that is in black and cream. The flowers are fun, along with the butterflies and bugs. I like also how you did a more traditional Persian style but softened the colors into more pastel shades.. Merry Christmas I am so sorry about Mimi I know your pain I will kept you in my thoughts.. Merry Christmas to my favorite HGTV designer! So sorry about your little doggy. Hope you’re doing ok.. Merry Christmas and happy New Years. Stay safe ….hugs Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster

Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster

Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster 3

I’m sorry for the loss of your furiend. She was a lucky girl to have had such a lovely life. She repayed you every day with her unconditional love and friendship. . I am so very sorry about Mimi. There are of course no words that can make it better. I lost my most precious TubbieDawg 5 years ago and I still miss her every day. Sending you love and prayers. . I’m so sorry, Hilary. We all know how special Mimi was and how important she was to you. It hurts, a lot, to lose one of our fur babies. Hugs and prayers for you. Rest In Peace, Mimi, knowing that you were so loved. . My heart breaks for you and that doesn’t help you. Nothing will help. God bless. Prayers. It is just me and my dog and she is my life. She has gotten me thru so much and I know this day will come as she is 14 1/2 years old. Thinking of you. Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster

Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster

Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster 2

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!. I Love your shows! You do Amazing work!!!. Sending hugs! Merry Christmas!!!. Your post about MiMi was beautiful, hope your getting a little better each day.. Love Hillary’s things-love the fabrics. Sending hugs! . Hope you’re doing ok, Hillary. Sending comfort hugs.. My kitty Salem needs a new rug!
Happy #Holidays2020. I am so sorry to hear about Mimi. Our pets truly are our children . I live in Argentina, I follow you every day i h&h. Why I’m not availably to win this game?. Merry Christmas Hillary, so sad about Mimi. We love you.. I am sorry to hear about MiMi . Merry Christmas Hilary so very sorry to hear about Mimi you are in my prayers. Sounds awesome . Merry Christmas to a lovely Lady
Play GIF. My heart is broken for you! I cannot imagine my life without my constant companion, best friend, and lil man! we have been inseparable the eight years since his rescue, or my rescue! Please know you are thought of and admired.

Off-Roading To My Daughter Love Dad Poster 1

So sorry about your losing your fur baby. Merry Christmas!. Love the cream ground with the periwinkle shades and the last one with blue ground and white flowers. This fabric speaks to my inner makers heart. I love to cross stitch primitive style patterns. I then make them into a cute small decor pillow, them back it with fun fabrics. These would be so cute!. Embroidered fabric..amazing!. Love the fabric!!. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing these beautiful fabrics!. Beautiful prints….. Miss you guys. Hurry back. Merry Christmas . Merry Christmas . Merry Christmas . I have been praying for you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, though I know it will be difficult.. I love fabric, but it has gotten so stinking expensive. I have sewn clothing, reappolstered furniture, made drapes. But not so much anymore. Merry Christmas Hilary. I love watching your shows here in Oklahoma. Merry Christmas

My dad always said it’s the hardest part of loving them so, letting them go. They certainly take a piece of our hearts and the void they leave behind is indescribable. Sending you love and {{{hugs}}} across the miles.
. What a beautifully written tribute to your beloved Mimi. My heart breaks for you. While the pain will take time to lessen, I pray you find a little comfort in your cherished memories. The loss of a pet is a pain one feels forever. I am truly sorry … See More. Such a blessing that you had each other and shared so much love. . Prayers for your broken heart. N.C. State kept our boy Taz going a little bit longer but that horrible pancreatic cancer was too much for him. I pray you find it in your heart to save another unlucky pup from a life of misery. They help heal your heart… See More

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