Amber Moore Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster After blowing all that hot air, he hasn’t confirmed whether or not his PCR test was positive. He did try to go into ‘elonsplaining’ cycle times to try and downplay even positive PCR tests, so I think he knows the result and still doesn’t want to accep… . Tim Ellis. Serdar Reyhani Avşar We got PCR tests in the office and some people with symptoms were negative and people had nothing came up with positive . Billions of dollars make you super smart, hes a modern day superhero, he’ll be fine..Just like Bill Gates, his super brain and tonnes of cash and in-depth next century virology knowledge keeps him safe from Covid.. I think the point is our lives are being restricted because of the data from these tests. Every positive test is reported as a new case. If this is one person, imagine the inaccuracy across the country. It doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist just be… See More

Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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Its good to dream but that’s not realistic.. The car industry has known for 40 years they had to change. And at best have done nothing, when a well known German manufacture has publicly said we are 10 years behind Tesla. It’s time they started taking things seriously, instead of just taking our m… . Are we under the impression that the oil companies and especially the oil producing countries where it’s there only income I’m going to let this happen. Charging point’s. Not everybody lives in a 3-bedroom semi with a driveway so they can plug-in by th… See More. Haha. No chance. I’ve got three caravans, four trailers, 12 kids, 6 dogs and I need to drive from Poole to Carlisle EVERY DAY without stopping. The batteries are polluting. Where does the electricity come from? The grid can’t cope. I’ll stick with my d… See More. The challenge to the planet and all of our lives is massive. This industry has spent decades pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and carried on doing so long after everyone knew it was a problem so I have zero sympathy with them now complaini… See More Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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We are often told that the grid is at maximum capacity and we need to cut down. What’s going to happen when we all have electric cars on charge every night. “ Hello boss, I can’t come to work today, the car won’t start as there was a power cut”. Also the batteries should not be charged using fossil fuel.. All of this electric car stuff is rubbish. I demand more air pollution in city centres.. I agree with you. It’ll be a challenge . but only way I guess .. my gut feel: it’ll happen, but it’ll be a little later … But the electric cars are manufactured using ..fossil fuel. . I would say new cars should have a dumb option to be able to physically disable tracking, listening and auto controls, but the UK is long past the point of caring about privacy.. Yes and great at last someone is doing something if nothing else the country will be much cleaner much less air pollution children will be able to breath better with less asthma especially those living in inner cities, so I’m so pleased . First to cha…

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Ill take my chances not having it. Don’t be coerced people – if you don’t want the vaccine then refuse it.. The people saying they won’t have it, I’ve currently got Covid and honestly if you had it you’d want the vaccine. Nick Farina
We need to get away from this idea that we are all on lockdown until every man woman and child on Earth has had the vaccine.. There needs to be open and honest discussion about the pros and cons of vaccines – with all other medications, there is discussion with your medical practitioner about which particular medication is right for you, and the pros and cons of the different… . Why not just let the people that wish to have the vaccine have it and live.
And all the others its their choice to possibly die, leave them to it.. Maja Diercks. It’s not been tested long enough and you dont know if it could harm you long term. Some vaccines have failed 6 years into a trial so I’m certainly not taking it

Mark Buckingham. I thought being wealthy was all you needed in order to survive on this planet – it’s why wealth protection is so important isn’t it?. He has a vested interest in discrediting covid because his factory is or has been closed.. Andrew Briggs
This is a serious problem. If he has a mild case then the swab should read positive all the time.. Nice that his symptoms are mild, not everyone is so lucky. My brother who works for him had worse than mild Cold symptoms. He had trouble breathing, severe body aches and headaches. He got covid after returning to work at tesla; I believe. And our par… . So why not get a PCR test in the first instance? Why did he go for the less reliable rapid antigen test?. He should have a 5th test, that should be a tie breaker. Crazy Corona nonsense bet the folk whom produce these crap tests are laughing all the way to the bank with all the money they are making out of this

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