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We loved you in this movie.. Here’s my cover of Rewrite the Stars. I hope you like it! NURSES BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER REDKARAOKE.COM madelinemccourt sings Rewrite The Stars in the style of The Greatest Showman on Red Karaoke. Just saw it last night for New Year’s Eve. You were fantastic.. Dear Zendaya, I am a 12 year old girl. I have some great T.V show ideas can you help me make one of them become a reality. Since you are a awesome producer?. Seriously, your performance was jaw dropping and, I was in tears at many points. You are such a talented person!!!!. Zendaya Iam over the moon with pride and happiness with your success. I remember the little girl at cal shakes since she was four years old. You Are a super human being and a future super star.. What do you think about working on the greatest Showman you did really great I actually cried the first time I saw that movie when I saw you crying and then when that guy got burned in the fire and then you kiss him in the hospital I love your work on … See More

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

My wife and I have seen The Greatest Showman 13 times and plan on going more! Thanks for a wonderful movie!. I honestly can’t believe how much I loved this movie. I’m not really into the current musicals…more of an old school fan (sound of music,etc ) but it was a new years eve tradition to go with a group of our friends and this was their pick. WOW…from… See More. My wife bought this for me and my “little brother” who’s living with us, probably my favorite movie of the year, but it’s obvious you, Zendaya, are the REAL star of the show. Never tire of this movie nor you in it . Just saw the movie today. I thought it was AMAZING. It was really good.. Zendaya is wonderful in the movie. You made my heart skipped a few beats.. Zendaya is so cool and pretty mashAllah Mehak Haq i rlly like her NURSES BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

You were so awesome zendaya. I love this movie so much . Especially the part you sing rewrite the stars. So much passion. You inspire me alot. You are so beautiful! Your talent is above all. Thank you for sharing it with us.. Hi watched it. It was so awesome especially this is me and rewrite the stars. We can a lot of moral lessons. Look God. This is d greatest show. Play GIF. Well maybe this is how you get emotional…on camera…but you also know quite perfectly how to be irresistibly adorable…even with only one little smile!!!. Zendaya, thank you for sharing your talent. I loved your performance. I know how much goes into making a film and applaud your efforts.. The movie was phenomenal! Excellent work!. totally love it ,especially that song that goes “when the sharpest words wanna cut me down …….”. Just saw “The Greatest Showman” and I thought you were wonderful. Your grandmother must be very proud.

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

Zendaya!!! you are so awesome!!! I love this film so much! Lovemuch from the Philippines.. Greatest movie I’ve seen this year!. Zendaya you did great! Saw the movie today and I absolutely loved it! Good job!! . I can’t believe! Just watched The movie and..i don’t know what to say i am completely speechless ♡. I am watching KC since a long time with my kids. We just saw this movie. And you were very very good. My kids loved you in it. My son said that there was too much singing in it but well, he is a boy!. Zendaya was amazing in this film:. My daughter, Carmen, is your biggest fan. . Saw it last night, it was so wonderful and you were amazing!. I can not wait to see this this is gonna be my new fav movie im probably gonna watch it twice. My daughter has been waiting forever for this movie to come out on dvd. About to watch it

Since the movie fails to mention the cruelty behind “the greatest show on earth”, you guys should donate some money to liberate those former “show animals” who were sold to be tested on. Those animals have already been through enough all for the sake o… See More. Monica Tsao it’s out after my last exam!! . Anna Lou I’m sooooo stocked for tmw. Narissa Allamsha let us go and see this movie.. Can’t wait!!!. Yes I can’t wait to see this amazing movie!!!!!. Dayton Jans we r going to see this sometime during the holidays. This looks awesome!! It reminds me of Moulin Rouge.. Roxy Oliver am I wrong in assuming you loved this movie too!!! I have downloaded the soundtrack and sing it oh so loud!!!!. i act sing,and modelmyself. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Carla Pizano. I saw the film… You look so beautiful. Congratulations. Yimeng Isabella hey just tagged you guys so you could uhhhhhh hear me scream

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