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I love your music Louis I have a question is one Direction coming back. Brilliant album, well worth the wait and time spent creating this beautiful piece of art. From start to finish you have gifted the listener by taking us through your journey with an open heart and sharing way, thank you. Stay well and safe. Namaste … See More. Louis , I need your help. My son (Jonah) is in terrible trouble. He has struggled with mental health issues since a young boy and turned to drugs. He is in desperate need of rehab. I have been clearing his debts for him which was a mistake, the money r… See More. This album is amazing! All of the songs on this album are very touching and I can’t get enough of it! Thank you for creating this album! I love it so much . Because of you louis tomlinson im wide awake in the middle of the night listening to your angelic voice …and your songs fill the emptiness in my heart.. Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

I love your album! Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster Btw any other 30 year old fans on here?? kinda looking for other fans to meet . Beautiful album. Miss you really hits home for me . I just want you know You are really important for me, You are an sopecial person and i going to be proud of You always, in everything decision You take i going support You.. Luv u Tommo! I’m so happy with your album! Can’t wait to see you in April!. For Louis: Today I want to thank you, I recognize you thanks to my younger sister (fan of yours), well … I have a 2-year-old daughter who has a possible diagnosis of autism. In moments of crisis only a few things calm her and one of those things is y… See More. Hye Louis,,I’m a big fan of you .I’ve watched every moment you appear in . since you auditioned first in x factor UK 2010 and then the journey with 1d,,,I’m an African Son with a passion of singing but the thought of “I’m late”is pulling me back.I real… See More

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

Louis you’re truly an inspiration !!. Congrats for this amazing album! We’re so proud of you, sunshine.. The best album of decade Im so proud Of you! You deserve all of love world . You absolutely smashed it. What an amazing album. So proud of you. Hopefully there will be many more albums . I loved it from the beginning to the end. All the songs are beautiful, I have to tell you, you made me cry too many haha. And I don’t know why you said Always you weren’t great, man, it was my favorite song. I can’t wait to hear you sing the whole wond… See More. I love it
this wait lasted years and I’m so happy because all your effort is shown in this album
so proud of you as always. I’m so so proud of you, walls is the best album ever!!! it’s amazing, every song is my fav, every song make me feel loved and that everything will gonna be okay, i’m so so proud of you and i’m so proud of the album, i can’t believe that it’s finally he… See More

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

Hi Louis. My niece Sivaranjanis daughter I e. my grand daughter is a huge fan of yours. It would be wonderful
if you could wish her on her birthday on the 14th of August.It would be such an awesome surprise for her. Thanks a ton.. Tommo, I am very proud of you. I absolutely loved every single song.. You’re amazing. The Album is incredible. You’re brilliant. I can’t believe it, we can finally hear all your work. I love you is the most beautiful album I’ve ever heard. The album of the year, all of the songs are beautiful. I’m so proud of you sun, that Was magic. Louis Tomlinson, I have no words. U did a superb job making this album. I luv it soooooooooooo much. The way u kind of mixed the vibes around was exactly what it needed. Incredible job man. I luv u more than u know. Thank u for the album.

I love you very much, thank you for coming, I will look forward to you. You better add more songs to the setlist for the Mexico concerts because I want to hear all of your songs . Louis, I love you
please come to Singapore . Enjoy it Mexico, you have more opportunities than Peru. Thinking of all those people out there who are gutted that theirs have been cancelled due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Praying that this stops spreading real soon. Also feel for you Louis, you’ve been working hard and looking forward to this Tou… See More. I can not wait to see you live in June! I am so excited! Love you Louis, I’m so proud of you . My life, I have no money to see you but I will do my best to see you at the airport, I love you very much and I am extremely proud of you.

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