NURSES be strong be brave be humble be badass poster


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Looks like you’ve been crying for a week. lol.. She looks amazing to all the haters this is a 1980s make up look for her movie 1984. Beautiful woman but sorry, that pink/red looks like cellulitis around her eye!. I love the colors! However, I don’t think the eyeshadow should have extended over onto the temples. Shadow should not go past the eyebrows, in my opinion, but to each their own. . One of the few women in the world not enhanced by makeup. So lucky to be such a natural beauty. . Cheap makeup on a million dollar face. Revlon should be ashamed.. They definitely did not capture your natural beauty and abilities. You look like a battered woman…. This style Not good for you, you look like being Punched by spouse. Too much makeup detracts from your natural beauty!. I’m surprised people think makeup generally looks better. My thought at first glance was, “clown”. NURSES be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

One of my favorite parts was the father/daughter dance. I laughed way too hard.. I watched and it made me laugh and sometimes almost cry, great movie.. Maria Bakalova was fantastic. Staying in character for hours and improvising next to a master improviser – pure gold. Loved the movie and the bitter tasting laughs.. Going to watch the original and this with my kids next weekend. Very nice!!. Dan Sillers. Can’t hold a candle to the original, but funny. A few cringe worthy scenes.. I really think this movie wasn’t all that funny personally yeah a couple scenes but to me too much politics in this. At the end was funny I gotta admit but that’s it. The guy is a kind of wonder woman in the male version. Completely and totally hilarious! With a LOT to say. Brilliant.. Literally just finished the movie 2 mins ago! Really amazing! Loved it! NURSES be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

The first one was so much better. It had a much wider range of themes and jokes, also people didn’t knew about the Borat character so they really belived he was a reporter and that lead to funny situations.. Some parts were funny. Overall, it didn’t feel like I was watching something new.. Was actually disappointed in the film. Think I laughed twice. Albeit expectations are everything and I had some high expectations. Usually a receipt for disaster.. I loved the first one but I couldn’t even finish this one.. It was hilarious. Him speaking Hebrew the whole time made it that much funnier!. A little bit desperate from Sacha Baron Cohen on some of it. A couple of funny bits but otherwise a bit strained. She’s gonna be a star. She was so funny.
Play GIF. Not as good as 1st movie…but plenty of good laughs. I was am a borat fan, however, the movie was not good at all.

Nurses be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

It could be a comedy.. But at the very end reminds me the face of a crying dem . All the best up against each other for the Genesis Prize!. Benjamin Harlow. The movie was ok, best part of the whole thing is the female playing his daughter she did a great job … 1st movie still the best. Wasnt even close to being as good as the first one.. very clearly done an realesed before the election….an the hidden messages in this were great…very cleaver man… his character. I agree, it’s hysterical…not!. It was good. Not as funny as the first. But still worth the watch. 1st one great. This one, too political, but it was to be expected after what is happening in the USA. I loved it but thought the first one was better and funnier. I love the movie but truly is a sad portrayal of what America is right now. What I found truly ridiculous is no one tried to help the girl except for the black lady that babysat her

I loved the movie, tutars story of going from an unloved daughter in a stable to loved and valued daughter reporting on TV was great to see.. Agree except for the “Fertility Dance” scene which unfortunately I will never forget!. The movie was terrible!. She’s 15! She’s too old for you! . Good movie, but it lost it’s course in the end as Borat completely changes his personality and the movie becomes more political and dramatic than a comedy itself…. Gary Hamamoto. I will not, I don’t appreciate cultural appropriation.. I’m more looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. I stopped watching after the first 20 minutes… It isn’t as funny as I thought. Tim Contado. Watched it last night. Glad I did, cause now we are in the midst of an ice storm and the powers out.. A sad reflection on today’s society
If you like this film you have failed in

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