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“Georgia, right now, holds the hope of the nation.”. Come on Georgia do it again. WTH does “holding the hope of the nation” mean? We get a decent one with Ossoff and Warnock, we get a crappy one (or none at all) with Perdue and Loeffler. This seems like a winning issue, no?. Stacey Abrams is a corrupt politician. She fed the debates questions to Hillary when she ran against Trump. Dirty as you can get & I wouldn’t put anything past her to be involved in voters fraud in Georgia. Democrats have been planning this for ages … See More. Vote Georgia! . how can u have Obama live here and Joe Biden is live too. I cant decide which hero to watch! lol. Georgia, you will go down in history as saving America’s democracy!!! Kentucky failed to get rid of Mitch, however you have the power to do so Nurse fleece hoodie

Nurse fleece hoodie

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The Voter Registration Deadline Is Today…Please Register And Vote For Your America!!!… Nurse fleece hoodie Play GIF. Caught on CSPAN replay… so excited for this energized coalition. Voters should think about the compassionate dems who care so much about people. Pelosi will now accept a stimulus deal and work with the senate on a package. Why? There will be a new president! Think about it, did she hurt millions who need money ju… See More. I think many billboards in rural areas of Georgia spelling out the at least three bills that hurt the working class and poor. And ask the voters to name three bills Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue voted for that helped them? Please also put on it a pic… See More. Check this song out A song created to motivate and encourage the people of Ga to vote BLUE… See More YOUTUBE.COM Go Vote (Round 2) Nurse G, Miss K, Princess Julia, and Boss Baby Fallon

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We are counting on you! . You can do it Georgia #vote. No more orange kool aid for you!!.
I Grew Up in Communist China; Here’s My Warning to America. Where to donate for Georgia’s senate runnoff?. That is a lie they have not. You will see Biden will never be President I promise you that fact. Rob Coyle
Trump continual administrative coup is out of fascist dictators Benito Mussolini playbook~ America come to ~ AWAKEN USA . This wooly mammoth will be n prison soon. XXXL orange jumpsuit and all. Ms nobody Stacy Abrams needs to get a job I saw her asking for money or a freeway exit. Proud to be a Democrat, especially in Georgia! Hello, from the DeKalb Democratic Women and the DeKalb Democratic Committee!.
Deaf Georgia Vote Blue. Who broke the law??? So are you saying that the Republicans that voted for Biden broke the law? Are you saying all of the people that voted LEGALLY broke the law? Come on now. Trump lost fair & square. If the Democrats RIGGED the election then NO REPUB… See More

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In GA, America Votes sent BALLOTS to addresses vacant for 30 yrs. Vote Forward tried to register dead & out-of-state voters,
ABRAM’s New Georgia Project (run by Warnock) had 14 cited in 2014 for dozens of forged voter applications..
Stacey Abrams foundation NOW being investigated for voter fraud activities! – The Real Side With Joe Messina. “We have the most extensive voter fraud organization.” ——Joe Biden. DONATE HERE TO HELP TAKE BACK THE SENATE:

BREAKING: Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff have runoff elections in Georgia!. Let’s set the record straight. All I’ve heard for the last two days from Georgia and the Republicans is if the Dems take over the government, we will have Socialism. We live in a Democratic Socialist society – fact!. Oooh, Scary! I’m on Medicare – Soci… See More. 17 million heavily armed vets took an oath to protect America against both foreign and DOMESTIC enemies along with 75 million heavily armed Trump supporters! You have prostituted yourself to the Chinese Communist Party, therefore YOU ARE THE ENEMY!

***Accusations Lies and Deception from Nancy Pelosi, the democrat party, its media and more!
Nancy Pelosi Wrap up Smear Quote: “We call it the wrap-up smear. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you … See More
Nancy Pelosi explains the wrap-up smear tactic to the press. 500 billion was set aside for the black community by the Trump administration. This was to build wealth in the black community. Black owned business and jobs. Trash Democratic Party just selling more BS of false promises for votes. Black community dese… See More. How to win an election? 1. Start a pandemic in an election year 2. Allow mail in ballots 3. Get a list of every unregistered black citizen 4. Register them to your party. 5. Fill out ballots on their behalf for your candidate without their knowledge. … See More. You are one evil person. You are nothing but a demonic plantation dictator wanting to enslaved this country.

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