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In the beginning, in folklore, Death was depicted as an evil spirit that survived by absorbing human aura. However, according to the flow of time, sentient beings gradually understand nature’s laws of birth, aging, sickness and death, so death is considered a fundamental part of life and Death’s mission is to come to see people off. out of the world. Unlike other gods who possess splendid beauty, Grim Reaper has an appearance that is scary enough. No touchy face mask. The features of Death’s body are very simple but contain a profound meaning related to the cycle of life and death in the human race. In legend, Grim Reaper is said to be a male, but many different versions in Europe depict Death as a female. The Grim Reaper has a human skeleton with a skull with two dark eye sockets. That image reflects the reality of death in the period of “Black Death”. The black cloak represents darkness, death. When man is no longer alive, eyes will no longer see light, everything will sink in the deep black darkness of eternity.

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