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In addition to the classic shape above, this sea monster also has the ability to disguise itself into many other shapes like a sperm whale or even a beautiful woman to lure sailors into the water to have fun, then drown them. In addition, many documents in several other regions of Japan also record encounters with Umibozu. Specifically, during the Kansei period (1789-1801), a document reported that the sea monster Umibozu emerged from the sea for three consecutive days before sinking. Or in the 21st year of the Emperor Meiji period (1888), the Miyako Shinbun newspaper reported that one saw a strange creature about 2.4m in length. Nice butt horse poster. creature has a light brown color, orange eyes, a crocodile-like mouth, a shrimp-like tail, and a cow-like sound. The mysterious bald sea monster in Japanese legend. And yet, the most recent report was in Mainichi Shinbun in 1971 reported that a tuna fishing boat near New Zealand was while pulling its work when a giant creature emerged from the deep sea. The creature is described as brown, with wrinkled skin, with a diameter of about 15cm eyes.

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