Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster


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Mr. Tomlinson I hope after this pandemic,, your gonna concert her in the Philippines cause I wanna see you in personal.. thank you.. . Thank you for sorting it out so quickly, I’ve now managed to sort out the hotel & train too!. I love you Louis . I want you to know that I absolutely love your debut album. You are so incredibly talented. I’m honoured to call myself a fan of yours. I hope you are doing well! I’ll be seeing you on tour in Canada! Stay safe. Lots of love.. Are you still coming to New Zealand. What’s about Moscow? We have quarantine and all performances are prohibited. Will the show be on April?. Can you please tell us soon when NZ/Aus are going to be rescheduled to? I really hope you are going to reschedule….. Please. please come india…. One day I’ll get to see louis & may even make lonfon oneday. Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster 3

So glad you are able to do this. Gives me hope for my concert . See you in Doncaster . Take care guys especially you Louis. Stay safe.. Gutted.. my newest grandbaby due on 14th so might not be able to see you . My dear friend, I miss you . Stay Safe Sunshine! . LOVE YOU! WHAT ABOUT SOUTH AMERICA DATES??. You need to get out of this, they don’t OWN you. It’s sick making you tour. Luckily their times about to end.. My daughter is thrilled and the countdown is now on to September. Something to look forward to in this sad time . stay safe and wash your hands always!. I miss ONE DIRECTION,Louis. how about tour in Japan Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster ?. I’m so proud of you. None of this is your fault OK? You do everything for our sake. Are the venues the same?. What about indonesia dates?. Hope you’ll have your tour here in the Philippines soon baby

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster 2

Yes King, so sorry this thad to happen. See you in September . Take care of yourself, Tommo . Add a new date for spain please. Drop the asia tour dates. I miss ONE DIRECTION. See you in November ♡. I´m not from UK, BUT I UNDERSTAND. As long as he is happ and healthy everything’s perfect . Please come to sri Lanka we love you. Seams as if I’ll be grabbing Plain Tickets !! . Hey i wish you could see this just wanna tell you that i love you ( it’s boring like hundreds of girls) idk if larry is real or not but and idk if you’re using Facebook ( less active) but i want to tell you: love who really deserves you. And I’m sure … See More. In September we can’t go to Manchester… Now we have 2 tickets for sale.. If someone is interested please make a PN

Never underestimate an old man with a guitar poster 1

You don’t know how much I want to see you
Please, just one date for Peru
When you were here in Lima with the guys, was incredible! and I’m pretty sure if you come here, it’ll be much better
Please, just one date for us
I need you here, Tomm… See More. I’m just contented watching you on screen at home when I can’t go any of your Tour if only you could add my place hope that. Thank you for giving us the opportunity and the honor of giving us a show in Guadalajara, it will be an unforgettable night! I love you with all my heart my Tommo . I’m happy for you and all fans that can enjoy concerts . i love you so much and hopefully i’ll see you guys at the concert again . Sun I’m so proud of you, we’re happy to have you here again. Can’t wait to see you on May, and probably on November. I love you so much

I can go into youtube or play music Louis and tap any of your songs guess its next best thing to seein you alive. One day I’ll get to see u in uk. I know 100%you’ll please all your fans with yor gr8 voice. X. I’ll be there . Happy you get to add more tour dates. Hope Berlin will be rescheduled soon!. OMG! I’m so excited. Thank u Mexico loves you. Why can Mexico have more dates when PERU
doesn’t even have 1 date?. Hello, Louis, I hope you are enjoying your tour. It must be amazing to hear fans singing all your new songs! My daughter and I hope to see you perform in Houston, in July. We love listening to, and watching your music videos (both 1D and solo). . Omg, you’re the Best human un this world, i love you, and i need you to be happy, yo make me happy, i love your songs, never stop do that you want do, and you are the sun of my life, i’m wait that you can answer me, because i’m never went to any shows … See More

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