Dont really care what a celebrity thinks, they support socialist entities and are usually not very bright. Kimmel’s drivel is the reason why his ratings have tanked. Hate-night television is what clowns like him put on display.. Most of us dont care what Jimmy Kimmel says. If we did, we would watch him. How is this ‘news’? People say obnoxious things about the President everyday. Fox news is turning into just another CNN or MSNBC, very sad.. Must be hard for liberals when they see how much people love our President. Biden is so boring. It takes a special kind of person to wish for people to get terribly sick or die just because they hate someone. And you want our prayers for your son, well from this Christian you have them, but you really need to examine your heart.. We want to live not hide away and let everyone else take care of things so we can stay hidden. We do love our POTUS and are not ashamed of that. We will support him as he supports us. Why can’t people like Kimmel and Lemon understand there is nothing wrong with us or our love of God, country, and especially Mr. Trump. #TrumpForLife Navy Veteran Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

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Ive never quite understood the absolute at all costs determination of the left to make sure that whoever wants to murder their child up to the day of birth can do so.. These people on the left are showing quite beautifully how they are only interested in someone who will bend to their political will and endless pontificating, instead of following the rule of constitutional. It is just Sad.. Not about Justice at all. The fight is their platforms only. So if Amy is awarded guess that means their platforms go with them. America voted this President who nominated Amy. Feinstein is denying America’s Right to Justice.. And bringing in a woman who had an abortion will accomplish what?? What exactly is she a “witness” to? Navy Veteran Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster Political theatre is all this is. What will Feinstein do nextbring in the clowns?. Seriously? 16 and having an abortion……guess she wasn’t thinking about a poor innocent baby when she was ‘having fun’……..Disgusting snd cruel to that unborn precious life!!

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I cannot understand why parents don’t seem to teach their children responsibility and why taxpayers should pay for people’s irresponsible behavior.. It scares me that the Democrats are more worried about killing babies than anything else. This speaks volumes about their agenda and their morals. It’s sad. Good thing some mother let them live.. This has nothing to do with her ability as a Judge..vote her in now..there is no reason to give democrats time for their nonsense. It appears that Miss Amy is so much smarter than the people trying to grill her. Lets vote her in now. She is embarrassing the democrats.. Feinstein wouldn’t pass the same background interrogation if her life depended on it! I’d like to see these senators acting so righteous have their whole life dissected and put before them for open questioning. . Ms Feinstein is an embarrassment. Her actions on this Committee, both past and present show she a power hungry woman, who believes if you dont think like her, you don’t deserve respect and the chance to advance. Amy Coney Barrett has and will contin…

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This is why I stopped watching late night tv several years ago. Kimmel is suppose to be an entertainer if he wants to be a politician then he needs to run for office somewhere. Watched him once…while we were in lockdown. Found him to be nothing but rude. Not worth staying up to watch that’s for sure.. It’s not even that they are disrespectful, it’s that they are not funny and never were. I miss late night old days when the hosts were funny.. Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of them are a great example of corporate corruption, their puppets and the dumbing down of America.. I truly with Fox News would stop giving people like Jimmy Kimmel a political voice. Let him, and others, say what they want to say on their show, we dont need to turn up the volume on their megaphone for them.. People know the risks going to an event like this. They are not forced to go to these rallies. They attend with freedom of choice!

Sounds a little fishy to me.. Sell it to an aquarium!. We have Florida for weird things. The rest of the world has India.. Big deal. I once French kissed a two headed rattlesnake while fighting a bear with a 10 blade and where he got the knife Ill never know !!!. I don’t want to hear about any more baby sharks.. Was it Pelosi and Schumer?. As long as Japan’s fukashima nuclear waste continues to contaminate the ocean, you can expect mutations of all the oceanic creatures.. We humans are destroying God’s beautiful nature because of our greed. Seeking and serving the almighty dollar is what destroys the environment.. To be sincerely honest, in my humble opinion without being sentimental and of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my opinion but also looking into this curious matter with perspective distinction and without condemning anyone’s… . It must be Donald Trump making the océan great again. Wait did he kiss the mama fish?

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