Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster


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You are both amazing,any new moves for people like me with limited movement due to disability.Chris it makes my day seeing you on here.. Wait…Chris Hemsworth has a stunt double! impossible. If I do that I’d fall on my face in 2.5 nanoseconds flat . Wow impressive! I think I could dangle from the bars and that’s it lol. Haha planche. It’s pretty much all in the core. Give it another go Hemsworth. It’s fun. That looks like a very good way to break both your arms. No need to prove how strong you are. I hope you and those you love are happy and healthy. Thank you for all you do for others.. Wow! If I could do that, I’d show off too. You guys are both incredible . Is Chris really liking our statuses?! I’ve been dying for more interaction between him and his fans . Why bother!.. Just eat healthy, as my nan use to say it, will be grand, stick it in the wash! Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

Horrendous time..thank God for all the help Oz has had from home & abroad.. A great effort to help the wildlife. Question though why when you go to donate to get the digital download is it in US$ not AU$?. I really feel for was hard enough 4 yrs ago my daughter,jaye and i lost everything from a neighbor burning our house down with our animals in the house. I hurt for all of you.i live in pocatello ,idaho. GOD bless you all! I really mezn th… See More. These fires have been devastating. But then you have developers wanting to tear up the land in and around Appin NSW, with these fires and these developers there is no hope for these animals.. Done, happy to donate to this.. Can someone, anyone tell me why Chris Hemsworth is not asking these people to donate, when he does,,,then count me in. Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Music And Wine Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

When i saw the news last year about Australia i am very sad. For Australia is very great country and people in australia are very lovely. When i had first visit in Australia. To goldcoast, Brisbane, townsville, cairns. Mostman beach and other places. I… See More. What a beautiful initiative. It’s been heartbreaking watching the news and seeing such devastation for our amazing wildlife, so vulnerable and unfortunately not out of the woods yet. I know here in SA the animal losses on Kangaroo Island alone are unbe… See More. My 9 y/o is on the Eco Council at school at they organised a cake sale to raise money to adopt a koala in Australia, they are also doing a non uniform day. They care soo much. Children are the future, I am glad they are doing the right thing…. Thank You so much. We are just devastated by the loss of wildlife. Grace is with You All.

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My comment has nothing to do with bushfire affected koalas, but more to do with koalas in China. I read that at the seafood market where the corona virus started, they sell live koalas. They then slaughter them at the market, skin them and give them to… See More. Donated, thank you for helping the animals and their habitat. Donated. Thanks David- my favourite photographer and fantastic guy and of course Chris . Does anybody know someone who need this money actually receive any of the money collected and how much did they receive .. thank you to everyone who fought against the fires and for saving lives…All lives!. I’ve donated to 2 charities. I hope they can all be saved and Australia recovers from this tragedy.. Wonderful work well done. Do you think you could do something to help save the animals that are now being abandoned and tortured in China thanks to miss information about the coronavirus. People are throwing their pets from high rise buildings and movi… See More

I love my trainining and adding variety is great for the shock effect to shock to the body. One thing that kills me everytime are burpees eveytime my trainer mentiones burpees or beep test burpees( try these they are murder on your lungs and legs)
slowley turn green.
I once did 21,15,9 of deadlifts,burpee over bar in a team 2 guys,2 girls yes it nearly killed me lol. Love watching your workout videos.can you do some for people with limited mobility. X. I love you Chris! And I would LOVE to work out with you But I’m not going to give you my credit card to work out with you. I have never been more interested in working out. This is all the motivation i needed, thank you @chrishemsworth . You are quite impressive’. Keep it up! . It’s 11.50pm so won’t be able to join in this workout this time. But still some great tips and reminder about my washing I gotta do in the morning lol.

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