Motorcycle this is us custom name poster


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Mr. Lee, where are the covid VACCINES???. Please unmask our children, make mask wearing optional.. This is our reality: There are 5.4 million jobs available in the US. There are 33 million people on unemployment. The republicans think we aren’t going back to work because we are getting 600$ a week!?!?! Are they a special kind of stupid? PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!! HELP US!. We are a free people. We are not stupid, well some are not. We know how to social distance. We know how to wash our hands. We don’t need someone tracking our every move, forcing us out of parks and off our lakes. We need our businesses open. We can be careful when we go in to businesses. We don’t need a police force following our every move. Do we really need someone to MAKE us stay home? Good grief, if you want to stay home, stay home. We know who is at risk. Provide protection for those people. We are a free people. Open up the country and back off. Motorcycle this is us custom name poster

Motorcycle this is us custom name poster

Imagine thinking humans have a right to Twitter but not to healthcare.. Tennessee is the no 1 worst place on the planet right now for covid spread. Thanks useless Bill. Motorcycle this is us custom name poster WREG.COM Doctor: Tennessee is ‘worst in the world’ for coronavirus transmission. You are a good man keep up the good work I remember meeting you 27 years ago. Going on FIVE weeks with no updates, no emails, no calls regarding my unemployment payments. I too am self employed, JUST LIKE YOU were before you took THIS job! Either get the payment out by mass distribution or suffer a strike on your capital steps! We are tired of your pandering and slow decisions. PAY UP OR GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE!. Why is Tennessee still lying about COVID death counts?. Thank bill for the state mandatory shutdown your right as long we stay apart and do our job we could slow this thing down but we don’t need to travel out of state also

Motorcycle this is us custom name poster

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