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That was awesome I loved all three nights but tonight was all about American great job for our Vice President he delivered the message and the love for our Country 4 more years we will make sure of that thank you and God bless you. His speech was awesome! Montana For Trump Flag. Made you proud to be an American, proud to stand up for our great company, proud of President Trump and VP Pence and what they’ve done for our country. Trump Pence 2020! We’ve got to have them 4 more years! Would you like to discuss it further? I am willing to listen and you might enlighten me. I have an open mind but I am tired of all the excuses for vandalism, destruction and people feeling entitled. Christian St Paul the police aren’t the problem. The people doing what the democratic party says and committing crimes then not listening to the police are the problem. Stop blaming the police or Trump for individuals problems. Trump has tried to make America great but the Democrats wont let him

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