Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug


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i am disheartened and embarrassed by the abundance of selfishness in this country. All the first responders ask of us is to HELP them by wearing masks and hopefully making their impossible job a little bit easier AND saving the lives of our fellow cit… See More. I care and I am listening . Our family is listening. I’ve been home since February 7th. I’m a person that’s high risk for a poor outcome if I was to get COVID-19. I don’t want to put myself or my family in that position but I also don’t want put healthcare workers and their famil… See More. Thank u president for sharing such a important article. Plz everyone kindly stay home stay safe. Many generations were asked to sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom… plz love yourself stay home take care of u & others . I cancelled plans to spend Thanksgiving with family because I love them more than putting their lives (and the lives of others) in danger. Safety today will allow for hugs later….. Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug

Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug

Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug 1

There was a time when americans stood up to the challenge and sacrificed. But now its what’s in it for me?. Thank you for your wisdom! You are truly appreciated in this time when everything seems so unsure. We love and miss you Mr. President.. Republicans are so brave. They stand toe to toe. No masks, no social distancing. They are so brave when they go to the hospital. When the ventilators are installed. When the gurney’s take them to the morgue. Their families are so brave. LOL, LOL… See More. Take a leaf out of our book. It Certainly would be nice if people would think of something besides having a BIG Thanksgiving… Gathering tomorrow..If you Do…. Staying home today, have to work as an RN this weekend and Thursday, doing our best to stay healthy.. Thank you so much!! It’s ridiculous how many people are refusing to cancel Thanksgiving and do the right thing Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug

Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug

Mommy merry 1st christmas personalized custom name mug

I’ve been listening, and doing what I can. Very small Thanksgiving will be virtual. Stay well everyone. Please listen to the science experts to keep you and others safe.. Thank-you Mr. President. This is such an important article. Our healthcare workers need you to stat home if you can. I am teaching virtually this year. Yesterday one of my students stayed after and told me that he was upset because it felt like his … See More. My family will be just three miles away but due to my compromised immune system and medical situation I will be eating my Turkey at home. We will Skype dinner together. I want to be alive next thanksgiving.. Absolutely! We are going to phone call family and friends on the holidays, and be thankful we are still here to do so. Many people are not as fortunate and my heart goes out to them.

The life you save could be mine!! Wear a mask!. Thank you for still being such a positive leader for Americans President Obama!. Thats my wife in the cover photo! Michele Younkin I am so proud of you, and all fellow nurses who face this disease head on every day to help people heal. You are an amazingly selfless and caring nurse, wife, and mother. I Love you Forever and Always.. To those on the front lines. Bless you, please know that 80 million of us are listening. If we could speed up the inauguration we would. We are grateful to you. Please know that, we DO care. You are all heros. . It’s been almost a year, virus is not going anywhere
Hiding in your home alone isn’t going to help. RN in Mid-Michigan here. Covid is here with a vengeance. The hospitals are almost if not completely full. Please stay home this Thanksgiving, so that we can all share with family next year.

Constructive thought sir. Thanks for being àn inspirational .. Just orderd your book Mr. President! And thank you for helping us elect President elect Biden. There is real hope now to climb out of the terrible mess generated during the last 4 years!. You are Great Ex President Barack Obama of USA
Play GIF. I always loved your family traditions…we miss all of you so very much!. Bought two yesterday from a small bookstore, and picked them up curbside.. I ordered yours from one of our local heroes. Wishing all a healthy and happy season.. In all fairness, while I totally support small businesses, that this is an old photo should be mentioned. Today, they would all, hopefully, be masked.. The man just radiates cool, kindness and decency. . Books… And Barack Obama.. Two best things to have happened to this world.. You bless this world with your love for humanity, your humility and selfless service.
Your foot print in this world is huge.

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