Mickey crocband crocs shoes


We know you are still here with us Michael! Mickey crocband crocs shoes This is my favorite song by Michael Jackson MJ might have been controversial but he sang some beautiful songs. We had this song at our sons funeral, such a special song to us but obviously find it difficult to listen to sometimes. Love all MJs music x Denise Terry Borsellino Beautiful song, my mom would sing this to my dad when he was in a coma, sadly he passed away, always brings me to tears when I hear it.

Mickey crocband crocs shoes

Mickey crocband crocs shoes - pic 1

your love is magical that how I feel,your songs are the best we love you Mickey crocband crocs shoes I love the song Michael J you always in my heart. Thank you for the lyrics. Was my favorite album. Wonderful memories This song will always have a special meaning to me. A few years ago I was really deep in depression & Spotify played this song. The words in this song are so beautiful. I cried & cried it felt like Jesus himself was singing to me. RIP MJ.

Mickey crocband crocs shoes

Heber Jesús Mayo Silva Mickey crocband crocs shoes What a wonderful song! It was his 13th number one in the USA, and it was the first song to debut at the top of the Billboard chart. Beautiful song, incredibly prophetic as so many great artists are. You are missed Ryland Smith Monica Patricia Bravo Rivera My son sang this song at my father’s funeral. Was so heartbreaking and meaningful. You were and you are incredible mi mike l will always listen to your songs you will always live in my heart mi mike jackson

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