Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster


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So they support people rioting and steeling then I guess cause that’s what I saw in the streets a bunch of people steeling what ever they could get there hands on and destroying other peoples property. Na mate. Not good. It’s a little manipulative for artists to use their platform to encourage people to do as they do, simply because they adore you. Speaking as an artist and fellow human. Even if someone loved my work I would not expect them to agree … See More. Democrats are the worst thing to ever happen to America.. Leo, tell me. Have you ever been through the struggle? Course not bud, cause if you did, you’d know how the Dems have screwed the lower class for half a century, on top of making the middle class support them, while the elite, like yourself reaps the b… See More. appreciate so much that you are very concerned about the society and environment. and at the same time, you performed very well in so many movies. hope that Hong Kong actors and stars can be like you. There, they dare not say anything for HK people bec… See More Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster

Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster

Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster 1

I’m standing right here with you Leonardo DiCaprio in the great sea of blue. . If you can’t vote for Joe for something he said in 1973. Think about what the other guy said five minutes ago.. Can’t stand the term “people of color”. As if white people are absent of color or heritage, In every single way the term “people of color “means everybody except for white people. It’s offensive and Appling that in 2020 it’s socially accepted to say “… See More. 47 years in politics and what has changed? I see more hate now then ever. Im voting for the person who donates his annual salary and sacrificed himself for us. We are a mess and we need to get it together.. Because young minds are easier to manipulate. Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster Play GIF. How about letting people decide for themselves who they want to vote for and stop trying to “help” them decide.

Michelangelo Cockatiel Art Poster

Rubén Gamarra Gonzalez. Plain and simple: You want a business man for president that makes the nation a powerful wealthy country or do you want a Politician who is known to just go with the flow and keep his tail in-between his legs. If you had a friend in a fight, would you … See More. Armenia is considered as an occupier by UN Security Council because they have not left 20 % of Azerbaijan territories, called Karabakh since 1992 ( UN Security Council accepted 4 resolutions that Armenian troops must withdraw from occupied Azerbaijan t… See More. Azerbaijan began this war, but Armenia will finish it! It’s time for Europe and all the world to show that humanism is not just a combination of words.. Great time to get a good feel for your lifestyle.. Washington DC. The ~elite~ Hollywood crowd backing a candidate should have the opposite effect. Sitting in their mansions with armed guards telling people to abolish the police and loot businesses is the ultimate hypocrisy.

I love Ur work “Leo”, but Biden gonna lose… . Dear Leonardo … that is very utopian. They are very nice words but when they reach the top, those leaders are equal to or worse than those they criticized. Politicians are the worst breed there is. They are opportunists and leeches. Here in Argen… See More. C’mon Leo, u’re more smart of this… Where’s the fire ? Brim Stone? Where’s the pentagrams and upside down crucifixes ? Lol where’s the sacrificial goats and children in cages? This entirely inaccurate and unacceptable lol. Hollywood is controlled by the deep state.. Trump has already won!! November 3 is gonna be a massive landslide as the TRUMPet sounds. #Trump2020. Trump 2020 . Are you out of your ever loving mind? Like this is going to hide everything wrong with this candidate? Sheeple, everywhere.. This has been debunked 100 times.. thats why I at tarted to like Trump because yall liars! You’re not encouraging people to just vote, you want them to vote for your candidate! You think the American people liked these lies the first time in 2016. Its … See More

We all love our countries.
They are all together planets.
The planet exists.
Politicians are passing passengers on straight or winding roads…
That’s why, dear man, we are all fighting together to protect the planet from any weeds, poisons, viruses…
It is a planetary task! Hello, man!. Nothing will effect the progress in environmental change than the Georgia senate race.. Sana Everest Ice. Jamanah Plus Sundance Nicolson
Thanks Leonardo DiCaprio . China is the number one nation that polluted the world? Who is holding them accountable ?. He should appoint someone who is suing the EPA to head the EPA. Oh wait, that was done before.. Get your head out of the sand it’s over for trump Let it go the people have spoken thy don’t want him anymore. For Biden to choose a Dem from the House of Representatives is a bonkers optics choice over a rational, intelligent choice. One of the few things Biden must absolutely avoid is: ANY thing that could ultimately cost the Dems control of the House. What … See More

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