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Cynthia Byther Kutasy. McConnell wants to protect corporations like Tyson depriving worker’s and their family’s the right to sue! This has no place in an economic relief bill!. This would close the door on any and all employee litigation going forward. This takes away workers’ rights. It would allow employers to abuse employees by any means they wish to use, short of violence, knowing there are no legal repercussions. Taki… See More. Anyone still wonder why Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to cave to him on this? I have a feeling that what he’s proposing might be questionable constitutionally, but have concerns about trusting that to the current Supreme Court.. In order for Americans to get relief Mitch want us to roll back the clock to the late 1800s on labor protections. This is insane and considering 300+ meat packers have died during the epidemic. And now we find out management were placing bets on who wo… See More Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug

Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug

Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug 3

#OurIdiotSenator I will never understand how he ever got elected over Russ Feingold…twice! He better be gone in 2022!. Tamra Brown. His exposure is coming soon as well. Trump has a lot of dirt on him and Lindsey Graham and they will be exposed as the traitors they are soon enough! Wait for it! . This guy has always been an idiotic clown, who’s done nothing useless in his time in Congress.. How did people this unintelligent and rediculess get elected to any office?.I’m dumbfounded.. Mike Fitzpatrick. Come on Wisconsin, you can do better than this in 2022!. People are incapable of social distancing, quarantining, and consistently and correctly wearing masks. The methods work, the individuals we are relying on to implement the methods are the problem.. Ron Johnson is the dumbest of all senators. How do people like this continually get re-elected?. Ron Johnson has waaaaay too many ties to RUSSIA. Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug

Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug

Merry 1st christmas daddy custom name mug 2

Proudly not wearing a mask in this photo…sheesh. Wisconsin Democrats, please find a great candidate to run against Ron Johnson in 2022.. He’s crazy like Trump. Should be removed. . People in Wisconsin have been suffering and dying and this is Johnson’s response? Wisconsin is 20th in population yet they are 8th in covid cases- This self-centered creep needs to be voted out!. When the President gets elected pushing conspiracies, these cooks are to be expected. However, it begs the question are there no guardrails in our government to check this type of discourse?. Donald Pothier Bessette. He is selfish. He is disrespectful. He is reckless. He does not work for but, against the citizens of the USA. He continues to fail at his sworn oath to office. Dishonest. Dishonorable. Vote him out of office if he decides to run again.. Brian Weeks. This absolutely execrable excuse for a human being needs a visit from Rand Paul’s neighbor. And to think there was a time when it was thought that Glenn Grothman was the greatest embarrassment sent to Congress from Wisconsin in the recent past. (No… See More

Brian Weeks
That’s pretty wild for Trump to claim 15% herd immunity as a “great success”. 80% is the absolute minumum percentage that will work and with that you could expect to lose up to 10% of your population.
Bidens approach is a smarter and much more realist… See More. Everything trump’s done since 2015 has been cringeworthy… this is nothing new. I wish the focus would be completely taken off of him at this point. We need laser focus on Congressional Republicans who are backing this dangerous attempt at stealing … See More. I can’t believe you republican congressmen who are afraid of this stupid little man! Is it more important to keep your jobs than it is to stand up against this dangerous man?. I am looking forward to a shift in focus, on unity instead of division, on healing instead of greed, on a spirit of cooperation instead of a one man circus show. It will take all of us to make things better. one man cannot do it…but the right man c… See More

He is running for the MVP – most vile person – award.. The grim reaper is more concerned about protecting corporations than human beings. Andrew Nash. I wish we could cut KY out of the country. The damage those ignorant people continue to do to this country.. This is why Americans should be able to vote for majority leader as well as speaker.. He been the sole obstructionist since ’08. Time to put ‘turtle’ out of his misery. For the sake of the country.
Play GIF. Might as well roll back child labor laws and safe work practices while you are at it Mitchie.. Send Moscow Mitch back to Russia and take treump with him.. This is why the Georgia runoff is extremely important!. So give it to him. It can be undone later. Get the package passed. This is the most inept congress ( in BOTH houses) in American history. Literally cannot get out of their own way ,,, it’s actually embarrassing is what it is. No wonder the world l… See More

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