I thought you have Good Agenda. Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster Climate change is your agenda?. What’s funny is how many trolls reply to comments supporting the POTUS-elect on CNN that some Rs call fake news. I pray that those who have nasty remarks to my comment would just remember that they’re in the USA and we are all supposed to be One Nation… . Hopefully they’re nuclear friendly if you really want to combat CO2 emissions. What is it with Egyptian people supporting trump? You dont even live here, why don’t you go sow unrest in your own government system?. Can u just have a dump truck pull up and dump trump into it so we can all get to real life now and focus on real issues that effect all Americans. Cant wait for President-elect Biden to take office. We wont have someone governing via tweets. Biden speaks with measured thoughtful language and tone. You will never hear insults or a demeaning behavior out of Biden and he will surround himself with… See More

Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster

Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster- A4

We need workers soviets, factory committees, workers’ and soldiers’ councils, general assemblies and anti-union action committees that bring together the entire socialist proletariat ready for action.. It’s not Trump’s fault that he failed to concede, I blame the American people for electing a mentally ill person into a high office like that. I like him. He appears regularly in programs I watch. Nice demeanor and full of experience!. Yes, bringing honesty and integrity back to the WH.. You mean he’s not hiring a family member?! Actually going off experience and background? So weird. I am glad that President Elect Joe Biden is moving on and selecting his Presidential Cabinet and congratulations to Chief of Staff Ron Klain.. I hope he will stay until Biden will be a president of USA, won’t get fired like many of the COS fired in current administration.. CNN projected that Sameh Abou Arayes is going to comment again. Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster

Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster

Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster- A3

Congratulations. This is what America desperately needs. A leader stepping up to the plate. Lets do this together.
Play GIF. I bet right before whoever publishes these stories smiles at that fact that he/she is about to piss a lot of people off by including “President-elect.“ I’m smiling too! Well done . Yes, they should recount perfectly. So that whole world can see Trump loses twice clearly. Probably he will lose by even more votes.. Ok but can we have an update on Trump crying . Excellent choice with the right experience and he seems to have a very strong personality.. Trump just got the full 2020 experience. He caught Covid, lost his job, and will be evicted from his house.. To Sameh: Actually you are absolutely WRONG.. No one cheated and this whole thing is crazy. No one is willing to stand up to Trump and tell him the truth, so the American people did.

Mermaid the soul of a gypsy the heart of a hippie poster- A2

Sameh Abou Arayes, why dont you go troll somewhere else? You don’t even live in the United States so what you think doesn’t count anyway.. There is NO President Elect. Doesn’t he have to formally win the election?. Results are in litigation pump the breaks. Can he nominate his son or maybe a daughter-in-law, so Trump supporters could feel a little more normalcy? . Amazing upgrade from the current prez. It would really suck if after all this, he ends up not winning.. Nice to see the new team suiting up. Goodbye Trump. So nice to have someone in office who knows what he’s doing. Where is our current president as Covid is ravaging the entire United States? Hmmmm….. Time to move forward. They had their 4 years and blew it.. Don’t mind me im just waiting for Sameh Abou Arayes to post about the election fraud. Can’t wait for normalcy to finally prevail! Please deep clean the entire White House before our beloved President Joe Biden move there!

We are going to have fully functioning & fully qualified adults in the White House again. . Yes, cant wait to have a new administration that work for all Americans, not just a few. Go make us proud Mr. President-elect!. It’s so nice to see that people with experience in actual knowledge are coming back into the White House . These half wits that have been running the country have really screwed it up.. He’s not president CNN, not even. As long as Trump is tapped out of office, all is good. Ron Klain said Obama/Biden did everything wrong with H1N1.” That they got lucky H1N1 wasn’t as deadly as covid-19.. I’m not Republican or Democrat, but why Joe Biden is rushing so much? Wait till you become an official president.. He needs to appoint the Executive Bouncer to boot Trump and his crime syndicate from the WH. That place is going to need a hazmat-level decontamination before President Biden can move in.
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