Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson


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So proud of you Liam Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson Are so amazing and so incredible persons my life,. Surprising this is amazing I love you . Hello Liam, love you. Love you liam! . I am very proud of you and I will always be your fan, you deserve the best in the world because you are the best for the world . Sarah Gifford. I’m so proud of you my angle, love you so much . YESSSS THIS IS AWESOME LIAM!. Lilo Vibes. Liam you’re such a supportive friend. Liam always being supportive, such a king. I just can’t express how proud of you I am . i love youuuu. awesome really liked it cool 2. Ur awesome Liam!! Love you . I so proud of you. I love you Liam Payne. powerful shot.. congratulations liam, I love you, and I’m so proud of you . I love you liam. Congrats. Your work is absolutely amazing. Love you. ♡

Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson

Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson 2

I can’t wait to monday, i just wanna be sure i can get tickets to share your birthday with you . Natasha Colbert. Garry Bolsworth. My singer of Midnight. . Lili Vaught. I can’t put into words how excited I am for act 2! Especially because it’s your birthday!! Who’d have thought I’d ever get to celebrate your birthday WITH you?. Can’t wait to buy my ticket on Monday!! . Another heartbreak for me who can’t buy the ticket. Thank baby . He has the same birthday as me. I’ll be 30 though xx. I am so excited so excited to spend your birthday with you. I watched some of his show it’s good. you are the sweetest person li. Liam you’re the best . parent liam, i love you!. You can go to my birthday party. But love I’m broke as hell. Hey Liam love that you send videos out to your fans think Its a good way to show your fans you okay and stof you such a great Idol to next time See ya Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson

Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson

Méfier-vous une femme tyrannique règne dans cette maison paillasson 1

I’m there! So excited! Thanks for all you are doing Liam…much love to you
. Also, my Act 1 shirt came in yesterday and it’s awesome . Dulce Ibañez. Happy birthday to my love I love you more than anything Liam . Zuzana Kohútova. Janssen Harvey Insigne
You’re the best man! been supporting you ever since 1D and until now, hope you all comeback.
Thankyou for all the amazing music . Your birth mark is like an hickey it’s so cute.. Sorry I missed your premier on YouTube Liam
but I’m glad that you’re doing another show and it’s gonna be even better coz it’s on your birthday . Can’t wait to spend the birthday with you, it will be amazing . It means so much to us that you want to spend your birthday singing and interacting with your fans, you are the sweetest person, I hope you have an unforgettable day, thank you for everything. I love you so much

Some of the best and worst birthday pics… Barbie Lynch Vila
16th birthday pic . Liam! My bday is also 29th August!. I can’t wait, love u. . Can’t wait!!! So pumped!. Can’t wait, so exited . I’ve never been so excited . i wish i can get the ticket. Esther Emmanuel. Directioners and Paynettes like always crashed the website….. Janssen Harvey Insigne. The surprise is he talking about will be nial, nial will show up on liam’s birthday. Liam ! My birthday is 14 février 2004 i’m 16 year. Love you . I’m on my way to get a ticket. He’s making up for his 16th birthday everyone chill out. We have the same birthdate… I guess we have a lot of things that were totally common. How I’ve missed the fluffy hair! . Congratulations to the happy couple mr liam payne and mrs maya henry -payne on your engagement and have fun on your honeymoon love Jennifer wisdom of Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I loveee. Thank you for singing “What a Feeling”! The whole show was great, thanks! Happy birthday!. Me after hearing the real story of THAT picture of Liam and his cake on his 16th birthday:
Play GIF. Liam, my love
please sing these great songs you have never performed before, like SLOW, SAY IT ALL & REMEMBER. I loved your performance of Tell your friends and Home with you, since these are one of my favorites . Can’t make it unfortunately, as I’m on holiday, hope you have a great time. (Bet you don’t remember me) Wonatolla.. See you there!! . Dulce Ibañez. way libre ara dzong?. How can you be having concerts in the middle of a crisis. Arnt you guys on lockdown ????. Liam! Happy birthday in advance . Advance happy birthday kuya liam payne..And have blessed birthday tomorrow… Tickets on sale! We have had the count down for 10 days and still, “No signal!!!”. Disgusting

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