Terrylee Dunn Mario and Luigi christmas ugly sweater If he truly has covid then the serious symptoms don’t really hit for the first week. He’s endangered many people and their families by behaving so recklessly in the past few days. We’ll never really know if he has it or not. It’s all just one big game for him.. I seriously doubt hes got it. I think this might just be good television” in his mind. If he does have it, then he’s being a complete jerk to his security detail who have to parade him around.. The Suntan Kid knows how to protect himself in the presidential motorcade but has been unwilling to take adequate precautions to minimise the risk of contracting COVID-19. It’s all about him. What a stupid man child he continues to be.. Remember this date – November 3, 2020 – It’s the date 35 Senate seats, all 435 House seats, 11 Governorship’s, and the President are up for re-election. Plus at least 1 Supreme Court seat is at stake. If you’re WORRIED or ANGRY about the direction the…

Mario and Luigi christmas ugly sweater

Mario and Luigi christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

I am sorry but I cannot find any sympathy for this man, he caused thousands of deaths, this is another con job for sympathy!. My god – In hospital those with Covid are treated with people in full high level PPE and no-one can visit them. What a hateful man putting others at risk to boost his ego. . Im amazed that his diagnosis” hasn’t been questioned from the beginning. The timing was far too convenient, his “recovery” almost miraculous and now his own doctor caught lying and using the same “I was trying to be upbeat” as Trump.. Now I’m even more intrigued: along with his tax records I want to see whats in his medical file. Is he really COVID-positive, or is it just a cheap publicity stunt taken from the soap opera world he seems to live in . Stacey Petrey. When you have a single neuron instead of a brain. He put his staff at risk over and over and now his bodyguards Mario and Luigi christmas ugly sweater

Mario and Luigi christmas ugly sweater

Why would anyone think this was a good idea? Nursing someone’s ego rather than nursing his illness, or maybe he doesn’t have it we’ll never know. So another example of the man in power doing what he likes while insisting everyone else follows rules.. He has literally pulled a Boris, go into hospital and leave 3 days later.. How can a virus with 99% survival chances and 24th in killer diseases index be this overated overated with exceptional media attention.. Are we talking questions about Covid-19 or his Narcissistic Personality disorder?. The good thing about him catching the virus, is that he will have the necessary antibodies in his system & won’t be able to use that as a valid excuse, when the new administration takes over. His lawyers, won’t be able to argue in court, that he can’t … . I think trump will lose the battle with Covid…through the Beast window, he doesnt look well. Furthermore, if he was outside 2 hours that means 2 hours elapsed of not having oxygen to cleanse his lungs….it truly was a bad action to leave the hospit… See More

Im surprised they didn’t drive Dear Leader past his fans in a tank! . Do we have to have minute by minute about how this man is in hospital!! We have our own lives to worry about!! The media have gone overboard on this!!!!. He is a Covid-19 positive and should be in quarantine but instead he is in a car with a bunch of people Or is this a clone??. He or they decided this was the best route to go after the last debate.. trump is the most reckless,irresponsible and incompetent american president in history!!. If Donald Trump has the virus he exposed his security team to the virus with his little stunt. Worst president in history Don the Con. Doesn’t matter what trump does, the media and left will make an issue out of it. Maybe they can impeach him for catching Covid?. Nothing wrong with him its a fix to delay elections

Dont believe he’s really got Covid. Man has no morals and will go to any lengths to get what he wants.. Tracie Taylor
Good pr stunt, he’s no more sick than the rest of us,. He should stay in hospital until he is better. Rather than infecting others. Just spend some time reading & contemplating this tweet.
I learned a lot about Covid. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the let’s read the books school. I get it and I understand it. It’s a very interesting … . So why is he allowed out??? Surely the driver has a chance of being infected !!!!. Chrissie Hamill
He shouldn’t have been allowed back into the hospital.. Was there an urgent round of golf that needed his attention?. Didn’t Kim jong, pull this move?. Paul Blake
Course he hasn’t got covidit’s a hoax and all planned by the New World Order. They control us with masks. Suggest you all jump on YouTube and do some research.

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