Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug


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Rashmi Safo. PLEASE vote that beast out, my dear. Thank you for that and your Rarities album which I adore!. Of course I’d Vote for Mariah Carey for President!! Wouldn’t every LAMB vote Mariah for president? That should be a given if your a true Lamb! . I’m from the Phils. and hope that Biden-Harris win to save America and make it great again. We are watching from the outside because of its impact to the world as America is leading.. Mariah you are a beautiful woman and I love your music my favorite songs are 1 whenever you need a friend 2 I don’t Wanna Cry 3 Love Takes Time and best wishes to you and your family. That mask dahling!!!!!! I cannot bear it!!! Love it and the hair …. love those curls always been a favorite look of mine ….. . Lema Ahmet. Franky Jagrosse. And Mariah’s voice is the smoothest ! Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug

Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug

Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug 1

I absolutely love you mariah I am all the way a fan of you I have been reading your memoir and I’m loving it your the best mariah your book is making me love you even more then I already do your a living legend you should have a butterfly mask since y… See More. I live in the Netherlands but I wish u guys good luck with voting!!. You look especially stunning in this pic MC! . Matthew you need to apply to be on Mariah’s voting squad . No body looks better in a mask than her ! You. MC you still beautiful even with the face cover your eyes shine brighter now. Stay out of politics we don’t care!! We only care about your music nothing else!. If you care so much about equality why you don’t donate 95% of your income to the rest of us who don’t have your privileges? Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug

Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug

Lion to my dear son in law option is some days mug

Nicole MacKinnon Parker. How are some of y’all so shocked that she’s not voting for Trump? You were clearly never a big enough fan to know she doesn’t stand for anything that puppet believes in!. You didn’t even have to tell us! We already knew . Ironic a lot of republicans (not all, but a lot) are the first ones to call other people “snowflakes” and yet here you are freaking out over the way a celeb voted as if she really cares if you agree with her choice. Lol. Shannon Zornow. Respect her political views. Whether you are going to vote blue or red just damn vote!. Disagree with your political choice but happy you exercised your right!. I am with Mariah!. Love you always Mariah. But Trump is the way for all our children and their futures. I know you probably have no choice but to show your alligence to the system.

She is the one who always performs amazing shows I love her. I’m in love with this álbum. It should have more promoting ads! People nerd tô gear this masterpiece!!! And know what the meaning of the word ARTIST+TALENT. Betty Kutterfly. Jamie Pinto. Hope to see you perform again soon elusive chanteuse! . Been listening on Pandora and I now also have 2 copies of the book which im finding i can relate to alot theres so much i didn’t know! From one Huntington native to another keep your head up girl!. Hoping Mariah will light up the Empire State Building soon . Love that you brought back “slipping away”. Time square should wear this look more often! . I love “Mesmerized” and “Cool on You”. Both songs are fiyah!!!. Courtney Bright. We’re happy 4 U, even the NYPD is happy for you.. In love with this album! Not stopped playing since release day

I love this soo much!! Thank you MC for all of these precious gems!!! Literally giving me life dahling!!! . It’s beautiful!! Amazing! Congratulations! Listening to ON MY OWN today and just felt like it was piercing my heart. Thank you Mariah for being so beautiful inside and out! Your city loves you . The Rarities is certainly the gift that keeps giving…. I fall in love with a new song everyday… Today it’s I Pray, I also love the story behind it. Glad you could put The Rarities together… You have a beautiful voice.. From start to finish I loved this album… Thank you for being my saving grace…. Sam Trotse Mamm. Stunning! We Love You Miss Carey and we would not have made it #ThroughTheRain during these trying times #WithoutYou. We are so #Blessed . You’ve been #ThereForMe and all of us and we’ve been, are and will always be #WithYou.

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