Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me All Over Printed 3D Hoodie



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Love this film. It is a great how to of getting out of a funk, to press on to find and make your dreams come true.. yes Eddie you are are Man. No one does it better than you. I watch your Raw video and laugh til drop.You made Saturday Nite what it is and you were so good on that show coming back and I loved it. To the man of the hour and the love of my life Jimmies … See More. The best is yet to come and what you have already done makes this word more livable. Thank you!. I just saw Mr Church. That was wonderful. Thank you. I liked Eddie M. in the non comedic role Mr. Church. He was great and the story too. Eddie is the best comedian and actor around. He is so talented. I purchased Dolemite is my Name and i loved it. Can’t wait to see what is next for him besides Coming to America. Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me All Over Printed 3D Hoodie

Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me All Over Printed 3D Hoodie

Congratulations on this well deserved achievement! . Yea buddy!! I loved it!! When does Coming to America 2 come out? I can’t wait! Bless!. I look forward to watching Beverly cop 4 and please bring that funny French guy sergea.. Eddie, you should have been nominated for an Oscar for your role in Dolemite is my name!!!! You are class act!!!! Been watching you since you started your career!!! Much success to you when you begin your stand up tour!!!! I love you!!!. Eddie Murphy is a national treasure!. If I thought EM was actually going to read this, I’d write something. Till then, I’ll just watch everything he’s ever done!. You are a great actor! I was mad when you didn’t win for Dreamgirls. Can’t wait for Beverly Hills cop 4 !. Thanks for being here! Your spirit mind is one of a kind.. This was a good movie! Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me All Over Printed 3D Hoodie

Lion I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me All Over Printed 3D Hoodie

Eddie Murphy was is and will always be number one … Sandy Merimee. KORYON MUSICAL BEND SK ONE BROTHER. It was so good thank you for making the movie. I thought this was a good movie gives us a little insight history of black actors /films back in the day. I look forward to more movies of 50s-80s. Im so pissed off that this movie wasnt nominated for an Oscar wtf its one of his best performances ive ever seen. I’ve been watching you since I was a kid and now am 20…. Thanks for making me laugh all these years… the best!!!. Come out with a Vampire in Brooklyn 2 or remake Vampire in Brooklyn. How are you doing??. Gladys Jaclyn soto posted 1 video,a must see!!no one is ready for this!!. This message to all the humans , don’t follow the religion of your parents ,You must work your mind to reach to the right religion because after your death you will be judged alone, and the message is, You must read the holy Quran, the holy book of isl… See More
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Lifetime achievement after spending most of his carreer without making a film and the ones he did before were all mediocre at best. Congratulations it’s good promotion i guess.. Congratulations it is WELL DESERVED. I really enjoyed Dolemite; it was perfect role for you deserving of more awards and attention that it’s getting! My husband knew him “back in the day”, he frequented the record store his dad owned on Pico in Los Ang… See More. Eddie I’m your number one fan you deserve every award that is in the whole world. Funny as S uga H oney I ce T ea. I loved this film.. only you could have played him. Hi Eddie Murphy How did you like my novelty book couriered to your agent months ago? Did it make you lol, think, scream? Anything? Would love to hear from you . Just saw Saving Mr Church, wow!. Am 62 know Linden St and surrounds well now live in quiet Queens way to go with Dolemite. Thanks for being you keep going its never dull

The Oscar are a is Eddie Murphy not nominated for his role in Dolemite is my name? That is twice now he has been robbed for a chance to win one. Hell you can even say that he should have been nominated the Nutty professor or he did in Bowfinge… See More. You are the man Eddie Murphy I’ve seen everything you done to me there is no one better or funnier than you. Im hope get an Oscar for some of the stuff you have done in your career. Magnificent!!! I may be tripping, but I share I saw a preview of a Harlem Nights Series with Chris Rock as Sugga! If not, please create one.. Awesome congrats you deserve recognition. I’ve always luved your laugh. Every time I see it I smile. Blistering performance and well deserved. But if you want to make $1500 from the comfort of your own home – buy my book today – ‘I wanna be a dolemite ho’. It’s as simple as dat! Always have and always will love you Eddie!
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