Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster


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Very nice Ms pilot (Virgin) you can now help the kids. Happy Holidays.. The science of Aircraft, Aviation , Airplane and Piloting when you enter it it’s really hard to get out Sir Richard Branson ..i proud to see this kind of Female Airline pilot who inspirate some new generation of Aviator …. Being a pilot in a experimental aircrafts is a very dangerous. I will always LOVE virgin,i once was travelling from London to up North,and i missed my train,was sent off one of norths trains as it was peak time with my kids. Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster .But guess who came to my rescue,with PROFESSIONAL ettiquette?!VIRGIN TRAINS. Am a Kenyan ,I love this .Richard come to Kenya and inspire our kids your campany is amazing. My daughter is just starting her apprenticeship in aircraft engineering next year hopefully Virgin will take her on … Started feeling idk either just very emotional or sorry for myself tonight. There’s been so much happening over the last year I think it all just got to me at one time, lost up to 8 family members and friends some due to covid others naturally. Loss of… See More

Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster

Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster 1

Luv the sheepskin seatcover…have you got them on the ‘dashboard’ too…. Merry Christmas Sir Richard, I know it’s been a stressful year for you and I want you to try and de-stress relax and know everything will be ok , have a wonderful safe Christmas and enjoy time with family and friends, God Bless you and all the Virgin f… See More. This is beautiful and encouraging. Hope it sells well.. Thank you for all that great inspiration.. Kwai Ping Tong. Merry Christmas and happy New year Mr Richard. I wish to you great Life and best health.. Thomson Tembo. Richard . That’s great Zoe. Most excellent in fact.. must buy this xxx. i would love to become a pilot to. Merry Christmas and happy new year wishes.. We need public-non private system of schooling that allows talents to expand. One of my neighbours died recently of covid ( Aug 2019), he could observe high altitude flights with his home made equipment. Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster

Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster

Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster 3

Great, Do u have some thing to inspire to become an organic farmer? Happy Christmas.. Daksitha Mabarana. My son is doing his ppl at the moment he loves flying . Daksitha Mabarana. There are only abt 4% of Commercial Arline pilots that are Women.. Wow you need a transcript of my moms! She is 88 writing her story about how she built and flew her own plane!. Is good news. Ratnavel Vishnuwarthan. Daksitha Mabarana. Please, could You To paye my pilot cours ?. Amen. undefined. Awwwn SWEET!!.. Merry Christmas..friend… undefined. Isobel Irma Sutton. Pause GIF. Pause GIF. Aye Pe. Merry Christmas day. make a children’s book after. ha ha ha.. Nice. Merry Christmas Sir Richard Branson, to you, your family and team. . Sir merry Christmas and happy new year . Merry Christmas.. Wonderful!!. Geo Chitu. GAN
STAR. I have a multibillion deal for u and me. Well done. Sir Branson and YOUR Noble family entrepreses globally Happiest Christmas
YOU been ALWAYS inspiration to ALL GENERATIONS

Life Lessons From Riding A Motorcycle Poster 2

Thanks for sharing, Richard! Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday and new year!. Family Brandon wish Happy Holidays. A New year full of Good health and Dream can to help people like me.. Kwai Ping Tong. So wonderful,so great to be with the family this festive season merry Christmas and happy 2021. Branson.. Or break all the rules and get after those cookies . Jonathan Frost. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to virgin Galactic progress throughout 2021 and beyond . Charmaine Weerakkody. Thank you for sharing your tips Sir Richard! . Marek Zadorecki
Merry Christmas . Wish you happy holidays happy merry Christmas also and to each everyone. Happy Holiday to the Branson family.. Галина Панова. Thank you sir. Thank you.very much.. Mint. Green. And. Gold you my lad. Play GIF. Merry Christmas,. Play GIF. Thank you. Vitamine D… will also safe you from covid!. undefined. undefined

4. It’s good to have an awareness campaign but unfortunately the irony in this video might be lost on exactly those who are vulnerable to these ploys.. Curiosity pulls people into the scam. “Don’t take the bait”.. Best thing you have ever posted, scammers everywhere , causing pain.. Yes i was one of their victims.. What? Charles Nicholas who reached out to me last week was not you??? Tell me it isn’t so!!! . If I think it’s a con, I’m using the three dots to report it to FB. Had four “african” scams removed so far.. Totally lost respect for you I get it I am61 same old same. That’s really amazing Sir Branson. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m really happy to know the Virgin Hyperloop is still ongoing and you and others are still working together to get this done. This is so absolutely amazing. I can’t wait until we get th… See More

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