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Thank you Leo but I premier bosnia and hercegovina is not yousual keeps its promice. U are one of my fav actors since basketball diaries but your efforts for our planet, fr our future generations is so tremendous…thank u for caring & using Your status to move nations. These corrupted politicians have caused a lot of environmental damage in Albania.. We need help in N.Macedonia as well!. How are the countries going to manage their energy needs now that the hydroelectric project has been scrapped?!. Thank you for share our planet because this is very importante to nature and balkan.. Read about Serbia mini dams problem, and possibly write something about it.. Leo, find yourself an albanian girl. She would make room for you on that table.. #hidrohituango in #colombia is an environmental tragedy because the hydro electric project built a dam to control the Cauca River, drying it downstream. No more fans without environmental impact execution! Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster

Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster

Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster 1

When we have power shortages now, I am sure you will be there for us.. Thank you for your engagement in this Leo!! We are working with this in Sweden to! If you ever come here I’ll give you a tour, showing our dam-demolition-locactions!. Leonardo DiCaprio, Albania must be so beautiful. Wanna check it out one of these days ? I wanted to go years ago already. I´ll live close by there soon again Close to Vienna to be exact.. Thank you Leo they are destroying last clean rivers in Europe . Meanwhile here in philippines i hope all filipinos unite to oppose the kaliwa dam in sierra madre mountains. You are a good men Leo.We should marry you with a bosnian women . Jamanah Plus Sundance Nicolson Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster Thanks Leonardo DiCaprio . Put effort in speaking up against china. They are the one who has the highest number of dams in this world building everywhere in occupied Tibet

Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster

Landslide TH I Took My Love Poster 3

I first heard of the island of Tristan da Cunha in a novel by Jules Verne and dreamed of the heroes of the novel as a child. Congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio for the selflessness you fight to protect the earth. And, please allow a Romanian, born on … See More. Leo Angel. Like RIO the movie.. They’re need own place to living and happy with they own world. Hare Krishna prabhujo please save ever last animal and plant on earth and make hydrogen free so we all drive emissions free to fight climate change. #DiCaprio2020. Leonardo. Cockatoo island closest island to home for me ,haunted and big part Australian history its very nice stay. man! have you heard the news that in Denmark they are going to murder millions of minks? These innocent animals are paying the price for the Karm(a) of humans. Human is a disaster on this earth!. This is fabulous but they are birds. Not to quash the fabulous effort and success of this island, but they are birds. We need a safe world that they can move about in, migrate in, fly through other areas without harm, without threat of injury. We need … See More

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Leo Angel
Thanks for sharing,,, This is very good or great news. wild river is very important for our biodiversity, And Wild rivers support the entire web of life. Bosnia has been coming together in incredible ways., also based in LA, has an inspiration film that connects our past our present and the needs for a better future and the tools, ie. The platform of Zonia, health, healing and wellness.
Bl… See More
We Are About To Change Your Life Forever. I am a13 year girl… I think we should create a government for nature and its rules will be applicable for the countries that sign the agreement…every country will have to obey all the rules of the government. The government will treat the whole wo… See More. Sorry to interrupt you all. Really i don’t know what losses will occur by constructing hydropower project. Pls inform.. Your word Leonardo DiCaprio is the voice of conscience for those who have ears to hear and act on the good of our well being, there is nothing more than a clean healthy enviroment that would make this planet liveable .

I hope there will be the necessary physical presence of protection with the authority to sanction those who attempt to sidestep the rules with Severe penalties (fines are totally insufficient). Leonardo,
It is good to know that their biodiversity will be protected.. Thank you for help our planet to conservation of the land, seas and the all they have life ! Leonardo DiCarpio !. I like you better when you’re chasing tail Leo:) Try telling Brazil to stop deforesting the Amazons. Or the out of control pollution in China and India. Preach to them , they love you in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape:). Thank you Leonardo. Brilliant news. This will be a beautiful place, on land and in the seas.. That’s great … but will the area actually be protected ? … so many of these reserves and places are massive and a awesome but lack the staff and personal to actually monitor the areas from poachers etc …. I mean it’s a great job looks like it co… See More

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