We need to be able to opt in or out of the vaccine just like flu shots, etc. Do not make them mandatory. We deserve to be respected as capable of making our own health care decisions.. I’m not taking any vaccine associated with Bill Gates!!!!. This is where I disagree with Trump. We dont need a flu vaccine. We need to strengthen our immune systems instead.. Just do not make them mandatory. I support the President, but the added ingredients in vaccc=ines can cause side effects and there is a big distrust in those that are involved because they withheld hydroxychroroquine from use. Also big conflicts of int… . If the vaccine works than those who are worried and have compromised immune system’s should get them and they will be safe from the rest of us who choose not to get them.. It’s a no for us on this vaccine. America is a free country a free country means that you have the right to choose what you want. No one should be forced into having something like this. There is too much that is not right and this is one of these time… See More Labrador hope you like big ass dogs personalized custom name doormat

Labrador hope you like big ass dogs personalized custom name doormat

Labrador hope you like big ass dogs personalized custom name doormat - pic 1

Labrador hope you like big ass dogs personalized custom name doormat · 18:49.   · 38:18.   · 46:45.   · 40:07 Serbia loves you, President Trump!.   · 11:02 My Family a Disabled Marine family loves you so much. You have done so much for Our Military . Jacqueline Diaz   · 1:01:05 I LOVE HIM SO MUCH BECAUSE HE DID WHAT HE OFFER AND MORE FOR OUR COUNTRY AMERICA, GOD BLESS YOU! 4 MORE YEARS FOR NOW .   · 15:07.   · 8:18.   · 33:21. Anne Gomora Lake   · 8:00.   · 16:21.   · 35:52.   · 5:24.   · 36:01.   · 1:22.   · 3:50.   · 1:47.   · 59:53.   · 35:13 % Trump/Pence supporter from New Mexico. Love what the POTUS has done for our country. .   · 1:00:25 Exercise your second amendment rights vote Trump 2020.   · 8:08 You will be our 4 more years Mr. PRESIDENT you have a mission work for our Great and Mighty Holy Father God! You Are Loved!

Labrador hope you like big ass dogs personalized custom name doormat

· 1:33:56
May Our Lord watch over Trump and Pence and give them victory by a landslide so no contest can be made.
· 1:30:49
Go! Trump Go! you will give us a win and we will push it all the way with you!.
· 1:40:46
Tell him about RBG!!! Undecided voters need to know his true compassion while he is talking!.
· 32:35
trump lives in the minds of all the people who hate him. They hate him so much the put up pictures of him on tv
everyday ,
the say his name more than a supporter ever would,.
· 20:12. Teri Fehrman

· 1:42:29
Best past of these fly-in rallies, is the MOMENTUM! And the people are PUMPED! A president that talks to the heart of Americans!!!.
· 1:36:44
Dems are throwing themselves off buildings. Trump gets another justice!.
· 0:03.
· 1:56:46
Go President Trump! We love having you as our President and will vote you in again for 4 more years!

· 1:47:52
Binding spirit of deception and believing fraud and lies will be found out, resisted and leave. Drain the swamp.
· 1:32:20
Protection, Provision and Eyes to See Clearly in Jesus name. Amen. Trump 2020 amen..
· 1:23:11
you are the best president. By far the polls will tell it all. Trump pence 2020.
· 1:07:01
Thank you Mr. President. You are an amazing president and your accomplishments are truly remarkable!.
· 1:08:58
Poisoning our water,, nearly 200,000 Americans dead because he lied, utter chaos.
Great job!.
· 1:29:36
democrats are evil ,,and there keeping us tore up with blm because china wants to take usa and we are so messed up we arent even ready ,,.
· 1:42:15.
· 1:50:44
Thank TRUMP no matter what Party you are.
· 1:14:55
Love everything you stand for god bless you mr President .
· 1:11:11
I love trolls , they just prove to me I’m right voting for Trump!

Not to all. Ok Let Congress take vaccine first and let me see what happens . Have you ever researched the components of a flu vaccine?
Its alarming!!. No mandatory vaccine… the last one I got I haven’t been 100% well since & have so many new allergies…. You mean to all Americans who might choose to get it”, right?. Give it to the democrats first. Then let’s see how that works out.. Please don’t force us to take a vaccine that may have bad side effects. Give it time no need to rush.. NO SUCH THING AS A 100% SAFE VACCINE! MOST DEFINITELY NOT ONE THAT IS RUSHED. The vaccine will not be safe. They are rushing way too fast.. I’m not taking any vaccine they come up with.. No Gates-backed/pushed vaccine.. Im not taking bill gates vaccine either. If therapeutics work why do you need a vaccine just saying

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