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I would say think for big cause.. devote your life to make and create a beautiful world.. World of love and compassion.. Plants, animals, babies, old and then young people.. People are in the end.. and don’t waste lot of energy about them… So, study,… See more. that’s absolutely true Keep talking i’m diagnosing you mug its main in this life to love yourself. You are God , You are you are Univers, you ate Everything . and you are creator of your whole beautiful life.. I am optimistic and I try to help my family be as well. When you have negative thoughts, turn them to a positive one and you will see the difference you will fell. You nailed it! And yes, sometimes you have to force yourself into a positive mindset! I might have to poach your affirmation ‘I am youthful and timeless at every age’……there’s plenty of evidence this is working for you!

Keep talking i’m diagnosing you mug

Absolutely gorgeous!. Cookie Cruz. I thought I heard they were closing stores not sure if all or just some.. Maria Elsa Guerrero. You are very beautifulThe. More beautiful woman in this planet only. You jlo you beautiful you actress you dance you single you completely everything’s. Jlo from Da Bronx, you’ve come a long way…lots of sacrifices in the name of love!. Ademir Jesus. Please i need a help I am not disrespect you I am single mother 26 aged who have a disabled daughter and speech problem.she is 10 age and she needs specialist doctors they wanted 9000 per year her father passed away on 2015 please Keep talking i’m diagnosing you mug . What type of wigs do you wear? It really hides your short curly hair well. They must be made from real hair.. Jennifer is the best she look too all the time she must drink its a new its called stay young drink it has a lot of vitamins and it keeps you young I’m going to order it lol

Keep talking i’m diagnosing you mug

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