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It’s hard when people are hungry and they have nothing for Christmas. If only evangelicals truly loved Jesus. They’d see they really worship the epitome of everything Jesus hated and Satan loves in Trump.. Joe your heart is what led me to vote for you and admire you so strongly. From overcoming a debilitating stutter, to having to bury the love of your life along with your baby daughter, to losing your best friend and son Beau to brain cancer, you are re… See More. We are keeping the faith. We know there’s no storm too strong that God cannot calm. No giant too big that He can’t defeat. No fire too hot that He can’t step into and bring us out. No lion too hungry that He can’t close their mouth ~ Dr.wambuamwove. As a small businessman, manufacturer, homeowner and landlord, I can appreciate your efforts and I salute you for your dedication to public service. Thank you for being thoughtful and mindful of others, we are looking forward to an administration that … See More Kart Racing To My Son Love Dad Poster

Kart Racing To My Son Love Dad Poster

Kart Racing To My Son Love Dad Poster 2

I love my mom so much, I can feel how bad it wold hurt to be in her shoes, my heart goes out to her. Biden is a straightforward person, he is genuine and humble, he is trying to work in a bipartisan way, this is the complete opposite of who Trump is.. I wrote a letter to Biden too, it started with Kart Racing To My Son Love Dad Poster Dear Joe,. Dog face pony soldier ! You don’t know if your a ham sandwich or a flight of stairs.. Kamala, a mixed Jamaican and Indian woman is being enslaved by the Democrat to take care of an elderly dementia man. America is badly short of talented people! . I am hurting and struggling with the fact that your campaign managers fraudulently rigged the election to get you elected. Experiences of love and loss transcend our differences. My sincere hope is that relatability, and with it compassion, are again cultivated to heal the country and make room for those who are seen and yet treated as if they were invisible.

Kart Racing To My Son Love Dad Poster

So happy to have German Shepard people in the White House! (Fellow GS person here.) I love the gray muzzle on Champ! Such sweet family dogs. Merry Christmas!. This is great! These two will be household names! Love it! Merry Christmas!!. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you your family and fur babies. God’s blessing. It feels odd to thank you for being normal.. but, I’m sure you understand considering the circumstances.. so, Thank you for being normal!!. Merry Christmas to all of you Bidens, humans & 4 legged friends! Can’t wait until Jan 20, 2021 for the beginning of your Presidency!. Merry Christmas to you and your family. It will be so good to see dogs in the White House again!. Merry Christmas, Joe and Dr. Jill!. Love the First Puppies!. Those are beautiful dogs. Happy Holidays to everyone . Merry Christmas, President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden! I am so very thankful to have you both lead our country! Thank you for your non-ending service to our country!!!!!

When will you take over the presidency? I’m excited. Merry Christmas to you and your family! But, You didn’t introduce new CATS for the WH. Thank for providing encouragement, hope, healing and guidance to the nation through this chaotic year!. Beautiful dogs! Merry Christmas Mr. President- 4 more weeks until sanity is restored. CANNOT WAIT FOR JANUARY 20TH! Have a Merry Christmas! Our rescue has more gifts under the tree than we do! LOVE RESCUES! Thank You and to Dr. Biden for all that you do. YOU MAKE US PROUD!. Too cute, the calm music played when featuring mature Champ and the upbeat music for the younger pup,, Major. Looking forward to having a President with dogs grace the White House again. Merry Christmas! . Awesome to have someone who is intelligent, compassionate, respectable, and loves dogs back in the White House! Just showed this to my boys. They loved it

The politicians don’t care about anything except staying in power and getting a vote. Beijing Biden won’t keep any promise he makes. Terrible what happened to her Mom and many other people, not being able to have a decent funeral especially for the people her Mom’s age range.. God Bless you President Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden. May the faith, strength and love you both portray guide our Country under your leadership. As the scriptures says, “ trials may endure in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” My joy is in my … See More. Do you think the Senate will release Joe’s Ukraine tapes like they did Trumps Russia transcripts?. Shows just what kind of a man President Biden is and how grateful we all are to have him as our new President! Thank you for taking on this difficult and often thankless job. Looking forward to the healing of our Democracy. Merry Christmas Mr. Preside… See More

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