Sir! I have another idea to shore up this campaign.Please offer free Russian sub rides, but we must have it in writing that they will return the passengers”. A citizen.. Im wearing a mask and going in person to vote for President Trump, the greatest President this country has ever had.. Thank you,can’t wait to vote for you in Nov! I . I’m registered! Kept it up since 2016 just to vote for you! Praying you are feeling well and thank you for your continued efforts for our country despite all you are going through! . This is deadly stuff,” Trump told Woodward in a Feb. 7 phone call.. Register and vote him out. America is wise enough not to send a tax fraud, a shameless liar to the highest office to cheat on the people.. You can’t even control coronavirus in your own party, and you expect to be allowed to continue to run the country????!!!!! Karma trump face mask

Karma trump face mask

Karma trump face mask- pic 1

Karma trump face mask · 8:41 Such a relief to see our President back! This country needs him! God bless our President and FLOTUS!.   · 12:07.   · 10:09.   · 0:14.   · 11:18 We love OUR President!!!! Love the Pences and Trump family .   · 3:26.   · 4:07.   · 8:50.   · 0:00 William Gremminger.   · 9:09.   · 12:19.   · 4:39.   · 22:11.   · 2:17 Greatest President in our lifetimes! Love our President .   · 6:24.   · 15:44.   · 18:43 God bless America and thanks so much Vice President Pence .   · 8:07.   · 20:33.   · 21:49.   · 4:50 Morning From the ends of the earth – Fiji Islands Lara.   · 2:31.   · 2:57.   · 13:57 Prayers for the Trump family .   · 14:06.   · 4:04.   · 0:00 Ellie Porter really?? Please use common sense- you are smart. Trump White House Defies Center for Disease Guidelines for Contact Tracing.if Trump won’t protect his own people – what makes you think he will protect you???? Why would he do this???… BOSTON.COM White House is not contact tracing ‘superspreader’ Rose Garden event for Amy Coney Barrett

Karma trump face mask

We voted absentee, but the mail carrier would not pickup the request for the ballot. We had to take it to the po!. I got mine in. Please tell me why they are keeping track of the positive cases on your rallies but, they never kept track of the positive cases from the protests and riots. ??? I guess protest and rioting looting is more important then church and our p… . You can go in person to the county assessor office and register after today, to the day before elections, Please Vote Trump!! Need a valid ID and then you will be able to vote , thank you Legislative for passing the bill.. The Democratic Party says it is too unsafe to hold hearings, but it wasn’t unsafe when they were trying to impeach the President and distracting the country from the virus. Hypocrisy to the fullest.. No mail in votes,vote at the polls.

We have to win the White House Mr. President. I am praying so very hard.. Yup. Rural Michigan here with my 23 year old daughter and Just about to walk into the township hall to vote for YOU president Trump.. Mr. President.I just was wondering how Melania is doing…..we are praying for her and the rest of your family not to get sick. Also Sir here is a bug in your ear……..I BELIEVE DON JR, Would be a Wonderful President When your next term is up….… . Mr. President I was with you all the way until you were released from the hospital. I now realize you are not taking COVID as seriously as you should. I was appalled when you stated dont be afraid of COVID”. Tell that to the thousands of people wh… See More. 28 days until the left again loses their ever loving minds. ‘How could this happen again’, they might ask. Well, quit putting stupid people up against our candidate.

Im wanting to go to the polls to vote for our great president but I’ll be stuck in the hospital waiting on twins to arrive… looks like mail is all i have . VOTE IN PERSON.. I won’t vote early they see who you voted for Sorry non of their business. Mr. President when you recover, go to New Mexico and make rallies there. I am convinced that you can win i this time,the probability is high. The opportunity is there, use it.. I hope after your elected that you rid our country of this covid shutdown crap and hold our politicians accountable.. Yes, new Mexico VOTE. Biden is leading the polls by over 14%,. Let’s match that with actual votes!!. Yes, and VOTE IN PERSON! Don’t let the Biden endorsing postal union anywhere near your ballot.. New Mexico strong! Vote red!. Thought you were against non in-person voting as you claim it is fraudulent? – even when statistically any fraud it is so small as to be insignificant on any final outcome

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