Good day defund all sports am not support NFL NBA flyer its is all about money Ill pass peace Just a girl who loves dogs and horses poster Play GIF. Mark MJ Slater Never understood this ruling. Or the Scots could be like the Americans’ plan, deny, ignore and watch people die.”. Given that there will be limited policing it will make very little difference. The ignorant and stupid will carry on as normal.. The world seems to be focused on one thing. Gov, scientists and Media in all levels done well in scaremongering and putting the fear in people.. Lockdown doesn’t work it’s a way of the government closing all the high street shops so all purchases are done online via bank , it’s so there is no cash taken, government dont care about the small 1 man business only the big corporations that give bac… . Stay safe Scotland! Hope to come back for a visit when we are all safe and moving on to better days

Just a girl who loves dogs and horses

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It’s very hypocritical of these conspiracy theorists! They call the majority of society “sheep” for following the rules and say society is “brainwashed” by the media! Knowing full well they must be brainwashed by some sort of media themselves to come u… . Doctors have been saying they weren’t aware, don’t have the stock and aren’t allowed to buy it. We were told that they were over 50s. I kept contacting me my surgery to see when it was available but didnt get anywhere with that. I ended up paying £10 at the lot chemist to get one. Our GP centre has run out of the flu vaccine..they don’t even have enough for the elderly. Somehow this headline doesn’t make any sense.. We book in for the first week of flu jabs if possible. It’s over a month since flu vaccine started so I don’t get why they are not on to the slightly younger, less at risk groups by now. Is it part of the supply problems that means the highest priority… See More Just a girl who loves dogs and horses poster

Just a girl who loves dogs and horses

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Im 47 I got called out to have a vaccine….I’ve been very unwell from it .. I dread to think about the effects from Covid vaccine. I’ve been trying to get one from my surgery for weeks for an annual flu jab but can’t get an appointment .. I can’t get a flu jab – nobody has any left!. I have been refused it this year, always have it due to having M.E. . not good you’re reporting the R rate dropping on the national news – it’s not where I live, which I know, but people where I live who are only listening to the national news and hears this is – it is not the case where we live and could lead to people… . That’s a laugh like so many Can’t even get one rang my surgery was told no medical reason to have it priority for over 65’s and vulnerable cases can’t even pay for it be fun trying to get the Covid jab

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Sounds like we might be next in Ontario, Canada.. Teachers should be allowed to wear visas at the very least The virus is starting to mutate. So it is very important that we save lives now and vaccinate soon, so more virulent strains cannot get out of control. This is what happens in second waves. If everyone does thier bit and stops winging especially about … . Virus reservoir called dogs’ need to be put down only then these sort of pandemics can be stopped.. A memorable absurd which achieved nothing except to proclaim the obvious?. Well done China by gifting the world with covid19 and now China is free . Στέφ Ζαχάρ. How many MSP people commute to and from London each week by what ever means.?. You had mates who have died.?Thank would change your tune.. They’ll never get it right. Think something up, try it, if it doesn’t work try something else

Alison Telford. Please people bear in mind that Clinton has spent the last four years claiming that Russia made her lose the 2016 election. and how many of those transitions took place before legal certainty was found? Im sure trumps going to transition just fine while he rushes to get done what he can, once he’s done in court.. It’s easy for them to transition from one deep state leader to another they’re all the same. BBC, the election results have not yet been finalized or you have to show your unwavering bias toward Trump all the time?. Way to go! Everybody is AMERICAN, when the votes are final everybody has to have the best of the County in sight regardless of whom you voted for! Thats is democracy. It is nerver about a one singel president ever, it is about the hole country.. Sadly though Biden will be the one who does not complete 4 years.

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