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A Ramesh Paul. Megan I have nothing but love for you! I understand that you are trying to help! People need to sleep, eat well,…!. Бактыгул Молдалиева. We are learning a lot already Madam!!! Thanks…. God bless ERV. Me-myself understands that amid the coronavirus pandemic, we have to consider everyone and everything before conclusions are reached. 2.2 Million people are a very big size.. Fides Patulot. Om Ashanti Melinda Gates…. … thoughtful. Practical . And solution oriented! The suggestion is!. Yes lady great history is the great teacher which will exam you first and then will give you great lesson.. We are so fortunate in the USA. We must not forget we are all in this together.. How about putting those great brains to collaborating all statistics for better diagnostic triage and controlled plans for containment. What is the science compared to the lobbying businesses?. My question: what comes next, in the next pandemic? Did we learn anything? Just a girl boss building her empire poster and canvas

Just a girl boss building her empire poster and canvas

Mrs. Gates! I have a grandiose idea that can improve sustainability at large scales. Please let me share it with you or someone who you know well. Trust me, you will not regret learning about it!. what about that “creepy” smile that you and Bill made when ha said that the next pandemic will definitely get more attention and it’s gonna be much worse that this one, what are you hiding/preparing ?. We need help in South Africa the virus has destroyed the economy and unemployment is destroying our lives kids need clothes for the opening of schools your help would be highly appreciated. “Policies” caused the economic crisis.. can someone help me—I want to remove M. Gates off my watch list. what are the steps?. Why aren’t you telling people who don’t have Covid to protect themselves by boosting their immune system with vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc????? Just a girl boss building her empire poster and canvas

Just a girl boss building her empire poster and canvas

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