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Great speech! You will do great! God will guide you!. If you want to be more than a one term governor, you need to rethink your position on taking in refugees, we have too many Tennesseans suffering that need to be taken care of first. I think it’s pretty sad that all these people who voted for and belived in you were under the false assumption that you would help Tennesseeans gain acsess to safe , natural medicine for those that suffer in our state. If you were going to be against medicinal cannabis in our state, then you should not have insinuated in your campaign that you were for legal acsess to this wonderful medicine!. Congrats. It hasn’t been 4 years and everyone outside of Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville are very very disappointed with your recent decision. Good luck. Thank you Sir for your desire to serve the citizens of Tennessee! My prayers are with you, Maria, and your family! Jesus saved my life baseball shirt

Jesus saved my life baseball shirt

Lets get that Constitutional carry going . Mary L Merritt-Boyd Jesus saved my life baseball shirt Like  · Reply · 2y · Edited. You need to SHUT THIS STATE DOWN. You will have so much blood on your hands if you continue to refuse to do this.. Great we have a governor who thinks the earth is literally 6000 years old and he denies all of modern Science….he thinks the Flintstones was a documentary….plus he’s a plumber with no experience in Legislation and only has one agenda and that is spreading his Bronze Age mythology….what could go wrong?. We are extremely proud to call you “Governor Lee!!!” If you are even – half the man that has appeared before us these two years …. You’ll be — a “Superb Governor” for TENNESSEE!!! . Please take the Medicaid Expansion.. Another Rhino… I am extremely disappointed in your weakness. It was the silent majority who put you in office, and we’ll remove you just as easily

Jesus saved my life baseball shirt

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