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Loved it!! Start to finish!! Thanks for the much needed pick me up. Happy Holidays!. I can’t wait for you to do more stand-up, you’re WAY past due! Hope I get to see it live!. I haven’t watched the show in years but made a special point to watch this week. I absolutely LOVE Eddie Murphy!! He made the show. . Amazing show! Best one I’ve seen in a lot of years!. Excellent Mr. Murphy! Always been a fan. I laughed so hard throughout the show.. Eddie, you were great last night! Best SNL in years!. The best SNL I’ve seen in years! Eddie did not disappoint. Still hilarious!. Way to go Eddie! SNL was funny for at least one night. I hope Loren Michaels sees that the show could be something amazing again.. Nailed it! Thanks bringing back all time favorites.. Eddie great work the best Saturday night live has been in a long while gumby was my favorite you did on this come back to Saturday night live Jesus Reaching Hand Canvas Poster

Jesus Reaching Hand Canvas Poster

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Very disappointed! Saturday night live skits were funny in the 80’s. Not anymore i think Eddie’s talent has far surpassed SNL. I would of loved to have seen Eddie, Dave, Tracey and Chris doing a skit or two together. Now that would be a true #kingsofco… See More. LOVED IT & LOVE YOU Eddie Murphy! . I haven’t watched snl in a really long time and don’t really care much for it anymore but I love Eddie Murphy and I haven’t laughed this hard at snl in a long tome. I’m so glad he came back and brought back his old characters. I hope he had a good time… See More. Not a big fan of SNL these days but I’d never miss a chance to see the great Eddie Murphy!! Not disappointed!! You brought tears to my eyes sir!! Love you!!. The cinematic universe needs Eddie Murphy Back!!!!. So glad that you came back “home”!!! It was like old times!! Jesus Reaching Hand Canvas Poster Play GIF

Jesus Reaching Hand Canvas Poster

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Eddie, why arent you starring as Dr. Dottle??? I’m highly upset!. Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy! I luv ya! You are so funny and you rock as an actor!. I have an ALWAYS will LOVE Eddie Murphy…. he is so funny and he’s got swag. Hi Eddie Murphy
I am a huge fan of u and ur movies!
I watched both Nutty Professor movies that u were in and it made me cried when u were gone in both Nutty Professor movies . Looking sharp as always!!! You get better with age . Eddie – you’ve got to hug the bike with your legs – be one with the bike – feel comfortable with the bike – if you can’t do that with that one particular bike – then that bike is not right for you . Very Cool! Keeping good company, I see.. Among the many great projects Eddie has coming up, I am looking forward to Beverly Hills Cop 4, the most! It will be great to see Eddie (as Axel Foley) in action again! Hopefully Judge Reinhold will return, too!

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Fantastic show! Eddie still got it! Looking forward to his future movies projects, and hope he hosts SNL again!. Gosh, golly, I missed you. You have always been one of the greatest comedians ever! (Also major heartthrob). Never die. . Eddie! I know you know this, but you were awesome on SNL! I rewatched your performances a few times they were so good!!. Lock in and reminiscing the best days you gave us.. MR MURPHY ID LOVE TO SEE A COMEBACK OF THE KLUMPS AND SHERMAN IN HIS MARRIED LIFE WITH JANET JACKSON AND SOME KIDS AND MAYBE SOME SURPRISE STARS AS COUSINS AND OR NEIGHBORS. Would you run for POTUS? On the Conservative ticket?. how are you doing??. The best actor, comedian SNL host ever. Hey Eddie Murphy sir Just messaging all your fans today talk to you about my beautiful mother What my goal is to give my mother a traditional funeral for her last dieing wishes So if I could get a solid donation of $150 or more from 20 people we coul… See More

The funniest most creative comic mind in the business. Brother get back out there. WE MISS YOU!. Loved it and recorded it last night! . Absolutely killed it last night. Man do we miss you Eddie. Great work!!. That was a fantastic show! Thoroughly loved it.. Great SNL. I even got my husband to sit and watch the whole show with me. Great seeing you in action Eddie. Classic Eddie Murphy! We’ve missed you! Stick around a little while longer, would ya?!. You were amazing, sir. Thank you for coming back. Your star never fades….. Welcome back Sir: u’ve made a grand re entrance on the stage of our lives…speaking for myself u we’re missed…I hope all ur present and future endeavours….are Blessed With Abounding resilience…..May CONTINUED good circumstances be ever present i… See More. I always wondered why it has taken you so long to have never hosted until now?! This was truly unforgettable! You’re the best!

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