Especially the restaurant workers, the managers needs to make sure everyone washes their hands b4 or after they entered the work area.. Remembering???? You think people forgot to wash? Like they wiped their butts and did think to wash? No! These people made a choice to say they did not have time for that, lets go shake some hands. . SMH – why do adults have to be reminded to use good hygiene???. Are they doing properly . Slow news day?. Demos, don’t wash their hands they are dirty!. I wish the people I live with (my husband and sons) would care more about washing their hands putting your hand in the water without soap is not washing them and I get called crazy because I care . I have been pondering how long the COVID-19 disruption of how we live and how we work will last. Unless a miracle occurs and we have an effective vaccine by next spring, the old normal is history. It is not coming back. Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater Like never before, the world’s … AISECURETECH.COM SecureTech Inc – With you in the new normal

Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater

Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

Those guys were supposed to “ stand by “ , what happened Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater .. The same lady that sent COVID patients to nursing homes.. If we had a real attorney general in America these guy would be halfway to Guantanamo bay by now!. Hes dangerous and needs to be voted out November 3, 2020!. This is terrifying. What have we become? And this administration has not said a word. Shameful.. This statement tells me everything I need to know about Whitmer.. So much for complaining about the left and their protests this is way worst! Play GIF. Americans need to find out and decimate the root cause of this pandemonium before it goes out of hand and everyone knows what the root cause is. Everyone needs to remember this, it’s not just Trump, it’s the Senate Republicans and the House Republicans who have enabled him for the last four years and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. They all need to be voted out.

Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater

Jesus has your back jiu jitsu christmas ugly sweater- pic 2

Maybe Whitmer is a bad governor..? But for Trump and his campaign to go after her, or anybody, like this is just reprehensible.. Thank you for remaining strong Governor! I am proud to have voted for you! #proudmichigander. Has Trump condemned it yet? Of course he hasn’t.that speaks volumes . I pray for your safety, Gov. Whitmer. You have the love and support of people all across our nation, not just in Michigan.. I dont wish harm on anyone. However, she is a terrible governor!!!!. This is a distinct problem in our country. When djt began calling us the Democrat states and the Rep states, all sorts of issues arose. It matters what comes out of his mouth. He is the great divider. We are the United States of America!! He needs to g… . Thank you, Governor Whitmer for protecting us !. And just like that, Michigan Trump supporters show they don’t really back the blue.

These guys wanted to start a civil war, they wanted to attack the government, and they also planned on attacking police officers in their homes. These guys are pathetic.. The only thing Jason Miller has ever done is get 3 women pregnant, at the same time, one being his wife. And one he tried to give the morn after pill. Family value party.. Republicans are blind after they abandoned any kind of reality. Their world is upside down since they began to follow Trump.. Trumpbot trolls are getting increasingly frantic. For a while, they settled on a civil, seemingly reasonable tone to push their denialism, but now, the more loopy they get, the more it shows reality is sinking in, that their boy IQ45 is headed for the … . This speaks volumes about the current administration. too busy to send a kind message? They are dangerous, they need to go. #VoteBlue

I would argue that the Supreme court is actually at 4-4 right now. Not 5-3. Why? Roberts is no Constitutionalist.. Wondering why?!. Kamala Harris lied about the Abe Lincoln quote last night. Why isn’t that a headline CNN ?. I can not find any article from CNN that fact checks Kamalama ding dong regarding her misquoting Abraham Lincoln on his Supreme Court nominee. I find that odd considering you will fact check President Trump at every turn. President Trump says he used … . That the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God is one of the greatest truths in the universe. For a person to fall under the deception that the first day of the week is the Sabbath of the Lord is, therefore, one of the greatest mis… See More. He is 82 the oldest Supreme Court Justice; trying to figure out why him and RBG didn’t retire when they were both underneath Obama? Obama could of provided their replacements?

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