Scare mongering woman!who has no clue what is happening in Michigan as a governor,so shameful.. People with a sign in their yard saying Hatred has no place here.”, probably has a place for hatred there.. Sounds like a plot, not like an alleged plot That being said… Proud Boys and militia groups… Your being infiltrated.. National unity? Not if Putin has anything to say about it.. Please explain to me why we Democrats believe the results from anyone in the White House administering Covid testing?. They was doing just what they was told to do by T. Theyd bring her back after about 30 minutes. There’s no kidnap plot. This is merely a distraction from her tyrannical behavior. She’s an absolute nightmare.. That’s 7 less votes for Trump. The US is beginning to look a like Afghanistan. Never seen such biased garbage reporting. Defund police see if you get kidnapped then. Lol Jeep crocs crocband shoes

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Everything about this man is a cover up. Which says to me everything, absolutely everything, is way worse that the snippet we find out about. On absolutely every aspect of his life and leadership. Completely terrifying.. As much as I can’t stand this man, all medical staff are expected to uphold patient confidentiality.. They just need to lock this man up smh. Its about that time!. It’s unfortunate that anyone who works in a medical profession would even have to be asked. That is part of their job. They can’t discuss anyone’s status or course of treatment without permission. It’s called HIPAA.. That is not ethical for a sitting president. He is in the highest office and can not demand people to hold back the truth.. Why sign an NDA when you already swore to the Hippocratic oath which upholds patient confidentiality.. He is not an ordinary citizen. That being said, it shouldn’t be public information. The Senate and Cabinet should know the health of the president. Since they are the ones that, if required would have to vote on a 25th amendment to remove him, they s… Jeep crocs crocband shoes

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Nothing wrong with signing an NDA when it involves the President and National Security!. Hes so corrupt he wants everyone to sign NDA”s. Even his niece had to sign one! Glad the judge overturned Mary Trumps, so she could tell us about him! He”s got a lot to hide!. Absolutely should not be needed. HIPAA should cover his entire stay. His physicians provided updates with his permission. Immediate termination for those that don’t abide by HIPAA!. That’s not unheard of, yet the MEDIA will make a mountain out of a mole hill.. It’s a sad sign of the time that you must sign statements for the protection of basic privacy.. A basic right to all humans including the person you all deem a devil who dethroned your precious democratic Queen Am I close?. He is not “any citizen” and precisely because is the president he received the best health care in the country. For the same reason we have the right to know how is doing our president. The truth!!

Great, every person has a right to keep their own medical information private. No surprise on a NDA with so many leaks presently.. Non disclosure is only to protect bad stuff from leaking, possibly damaging information from spreading it is never there to make good!. Too many secrets with this guy . Time to evoke the 25th amendment. A presidents health should be a open book . A tyrant and dictator in the making !!. NDA’s should not be legal when it involves an elected officials. I mean what was the point? Rational humans all know he’s insane!. These men are not doctors. They are military personnel who have to take orders from the Commander in Chief!!
They should lose their medical accreditation if military tops medical.. He seems to have a lot of these nondisclosures for just about everything. He hides the truth and lies about what he can’t hide.

Even the fly knew he was . Curtis Mayfield said” He’s the man of the hour and he’s got great power! SUPERFLY!!”. When l saw it l thought Great, here comes the children. This is all they will talk about”.. Harris was great. The fly was hilarious.. Those memes were hilarious, it was just a fly but it just made a crappy debate so much better.. Gives new meaning to the phrase, no flies on you ! How embarrassing Mr Pence, your legacy will include the fly guy !. The fact that this is more memorable than harris definitely speaks volumes about how much she failed. Some do it on the fly but Pence did it under the fly. . The . Thats how you know you won debate… they can only talk about the fly…. and thats the closest Pence came to being bothered.. “A small insect”. Perfect description of Pence!

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